Headline FX poll results announced


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2008 FX poll:
Headline FX poll results announced the evening of 7th May

Selected results available from 29 April

Details from previous results: FX poll 2008
  • Turnover rises 41% to a record $175 trillion
  • Deutsche Bank extends lead with 21.7% share of global market
  • UBS consolidates second place with growing 15.8% share
  • Barclays Capital breaks into top three global banks
  • JPMorgan, Lehman Brothers and Dresdner Kleinwort post strong gains

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FX poll 2008: FX moves to centre stage
Deutsche dominates, Barclays boosted, BoA bashed
FX Poll results
Overall Market ShareMarket Share by Institutional Type
Market share by sizeMarket share by region
E-trading market shareWho’s best where?
Most impressive approach FX services
Research and strategyForwards
OptionsStructured FX option solutions
Best for currenciesSingle-bank online platforms As rated ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’ by customers
Multi-bank and independent online platforms As rated ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’ by customersMethodology
A more extensive set of results can be accessed by subscribers to Euromoney’s foreign exchange news service, The weeklyFiX, at www.euromoneyfix.com.

Global FX market continues dramatic growth, according to benchmark Euromoney survey

The global foreign exchange market continues to grow at an extraordinary pace, with most of the world’s largest banks reporting noticeable and at times dramatic growth in turnover volumes in 2007.

Total global turnoverrose from $125 trillion in 2006 to $175 trillionin 2007, according to the latest foreign exchange survey from Euromoney. The number of respondents to the survey rose by 17.5% to 9,810 valid replies.

“Far from being the commoditized product with limited growth that many have sought to describe it as, FX has proved once again that it is a thriving asset. Furthermore, with products ranging from simple to complex, it is a transparent asset that has something to offer everyone” 

                            -Clive Horwood, Editor, Euromoney

The growth in the foreign exchange market shows that it has been unaffected by the global credit crisis; indeed, many of the world’s largest banks are focused on FX as a market for continued growth while other asset classes decline.

The top 5 global foreign exchange banks by turnover are as follows:

Free-to-access results:

Overall market share 2008
20082007BankMarket share
11Deutsche Bank21.70%
35Barclays Capital9.12%

The full set of results of the Euromoney foreign exchange survey were announced on the evening of May 7, at Euromoney’s annual FX market awards dinner.

From May 7 Headline results are available to Euromoney subscribers. A more extensive set of results can be accessed by subscribers to Euromoney’s foreign exchange news service, The weeklyFiX, at www.euromoneyfix.com.

These include a breakdown of market shares by client type and region.

Full FX poll methodology

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