Off the record


Published on:

February 2020

“I notice that many graduate job interviewees were saying the same thing in interviews. Then I realised they were parroting the ESG section from our website. They’d all lifted it, word for word”

A US investment banker questions whether graduates care about green finance and ESG principles, or just want to nail down a good job 

“We’ll take another look in the 30s. Maybe”

Downbeat assessment of the attractiveness of entering the Argentine market from a Brazilian financial services firm

“We are not trying to be plain-vanilla, we are not trying to do everything for everyone, and we are not trying to be ‘me-too’. We are just trying to do our thing”

A co-head of investment banking at a bulge-bracket firm takes a relaxed approach to bank strategy

“It’s realistic for many bankers in Asia Pacific this year to be given a zero. It’s not enough to fund the old-fashioned ex-pat lifestyle any more... It’s becoming an issue”

A senior official at a leading US investment bank in Hong Kong worries about maintaining his bar tab at the Mandarin Oriental

“I’m spending the Chinese New Year running, taking advantage of the empty streets. It’s very peaceful” 

A banker at a foreign-owned JV in Shanghai sees opportunity as the city’s residents shelter from the coronavirus