Off the record


Published on:

May 2019

“I remember that, in the midst of the financial crisis in Korea, they used to turn the air-con off at 5pm” 

A banker recalls the sense of denial in 1997/98

“There is one pillar missing in China, and that is the judicial system. Without it, there is nothing that the regulators can do”

A banker identifies the missing link in China’s relentless market growth

“It can be confusing, but eventually these efforts will form a consensus where one set of definitions will be the set to rule the Seven Kingdoms”

There are many groups discussing impact investing, but only one will end up on the Iron Throne, says one CIO…

“Have you read the 100 pages of background material I sent you? No? Then go away and call me back when you have”

A prominent European reformer takes a tough line with a time-poor journalist

“My uncle still likes travelling the 32 miles by bus to his nearest bank branch. He puts on a suit. It’s a real special day out for him” 

A Ugandan banker remarks on the generation gap in mobile money in Africa

“If I was mugged, the perpetrator would be very disappointed. I mean, they would get my phone, but I wouldn’t have any cash on me” 

A fintech CEO discusses the benefits of a cashless society