And they say cryptocurrencies aren’t worth squat…


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If there’s one piece of advice that Euromoney would give fledgling financial journalists, it is this – don’t write about cryptocurrencies.

From the moment that first tiny snippet about bitcoin goes live, you will be deluged with press releases promoting every aspect of the crypto universe.

Very quickly, you learn to flick past anything with bitcoin, token or ICO in the header. Occasionally, however, one is sufficiently arresting to catch the eye.

‘First-ever crypto squats challenge to start’ was one such that dropped into our inbox in late July – and, very unusually for the genre, turned out to be advertising something that could actually be said to have real-world value.

The project is the result of a collaboration between fitness app creator OliveX and Lympo, a blockchain firm that is developing a platform designed to reward healthy living.

Personal training

Participants in the ‘100 squats challenge’ will earn Lympo tokens, which can be used to buy products such as running shoes, sports supplements and personal training sessions.


Tony G

Euromoney was particularly delighted to find that the initiative has the backing of its old friend Antanas Guoga, aka Tony G, the Lithuanian poker player turned MEP who has been a leading architect of Vilnius’s development as a fintech hub.

One of his most recent projects is Europe’s first dedicated Blockchain Centre, which opened in the Lithuanian capital in January and has already signed up 18 companies from four continents, including Lympo.

Guoga also has a track record of encouraging healthy pursuits. His TonyResort, located in idyllic virgin forests to the west of Vilnius, offers a host of outdoor activities including swamp hiking, trout fishing and beach volleyball.

Those less keen on nature are not forgotten though – indoors, the resort boasts a well-appointed poker room.