Cryptocraaazy: Rock around the block


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What a month for the cryptomaniac in us all.


First, an invitation to the unveiling of “the world’s first public Crypto Sculpture”. Yes, really. 

It’s not happening until June 15, so it is not at all clear as Euromoney goes to press in what way it is crypto. But it is certainly going to be 3 metres by 2 metres, produced by European street artist Federico Clapis and entitled ‘Crypto Connection – powered by Eidoo’. 

Eidoo, as you will know, is a multicurrency wallet and hybrid exchange for crypto assets.

We are promised something thought-provoking and “doubtless” controversial. 

No surprise there, as it is, after all, exploring “the disruption taking place due to the advent of crypto and how change is arriving quickly to a traditional economic system.” 

How could that not be thought-provoking?

To be fair, Clapis’s work is pretty good (see above). The pure white of his resin figures, often modelled on himself, evokes the work of paper-cut artists like Peter Callesen and offers a similar commentary on alienation and decay, focused on the interaction between people and the environment or technology that surrounds them. 

The blockchain certainly seems ripe for interpretation through allegory.

The sculpture is also going to be on the move. Not quite as fast as a block, but it will only be standing on London’s Southbank for 10 days before leaving to challenge the public somewhere else. A distributed sculpture, if you like.


That is all very exciting, but it was followed by the “world’s first record label built on blockchain”. It’s almost too much to take in. Hunter Corp Records (HCR), which describes itself as forward-thinking, calls it the biggest shake up in the music industry for decades.

It’s the disruption, stupid. This “revolutionary new funding format” will challenge the world currently controlled by the big record labels. It will unlock talent across the globe, apparently. Artists will have Artist Coin income streams. HCR itself will, inevitably, be doing an initial coin offering.

At least 10 artists will somehow have contracts on the HCR Exchange three months later. Only one name has so far been announced: “UK chart-star and X-factor runner-up Fleur East”.

Well, where do we start? With ‘New Kids on the Blockchain’ and ‘I’m just Jenny from the Blockchain’? But then perhaps ‘Jailhouse Block’, ‘I Am A Block’, ‘Block the Casbah’, ‘We Will Block You’ and the ever-appropriate ‘Blockchain of Fools’.

But surely nothing quite says art meets crypto like the classic ‘When a Miner loves a Wallet’, by Percy (Distributed) Sledger.