Awards for Excellence 2008


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The Euromoney Awards for excellence define banking excellence in global categories and across 110 individual countries. Over the years these awards have set the standards for banking and capital market excellence amongst the top ranking financial institutions around the world. Awards are based on outstanding performance, quality service, innovation and momentum.

Global Awards

Global BankGlobal Investment BankGlobal M&A House
Global Debt HouseGlobal Short-Term Debt HouseGlobal Leveraged Finance House
Global ABS HouseGlobal Project Finance HouseGlobal ECM House
Global Equity Derivative HouseGlobal Structured Products HouseGlobal Commodities House
Global Risk Management HouseGlobal Credit Derivatives HouseGlobal Foreign Exchange House
Global Cash ManagementGlobal Investor Services HouseGlobal Private Bank
Global Private EquityGlobal Hedge FundEmerging Markets Bank
Emerging Markets Investment BankEmerging Markets Debt HouseEmerging Markets Equity House
Emerging Markets M&A House

Regional Awards

North American
Latin American and Caribbean
Western European
Nordic and Baltic
Central and Eastern Europe
Middle Eastern

Exclusive look at the winners of the 2008 Awards for Excellence:

2008 Awards for excellence:
Find out which institutions have excelled this year in providing high-quality products and services across all areas of commercial and investment banking.

  Who are the leading institutions in your country, region and sector?

  How does your company or service provider rank amongst its competitors?

Euromoney’s Awards for Excellence set the standards for banking and capital market excellence.

Award Winners

Global Award winners
Global Best bank
Global Best investment bank 
Global Best M&A house
Global Best DCM house 
Global Best short-term debt house
Global Best leveraged finance house
Global Best ABS house
Global Best project finance house
Global Best ECM house
Global Best equity derivatives house
Global Best structured products house
Global Best commodities house
Global Best risk management house 
Global Best credit derivatives house
Global Best foreign exchange house
Global Best cash management house 
Global Best investor services house 
Global Best private bank 
Global Best private equity firm 
Global Best hedge fund
Global emerging market Awards
Best emerging market bank
Best emerging market investment bank
Best emerging market debt house
Best emerging market equity house
Best emerging market M&A house

Regional Award winners
North America
Latin America & Caribbean
Western Europe
Nordic and Baltic
Central and Eastern Europe
Central Asia
Middle East

Plus a country-by-country breakdown.
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