Private banking: Who to focus on?


Helen Avery
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Which type of client will be the highest growth area in 2007?

Private banking 2007: A wealth of opportunity? 
Private banking: Where to focus? | Private banking: What to focus on?  

Chris Meares, CEO, HSBC Group Private Banking

Entrepreneurs continue to be our main source of new clients. More specifically, wealth creators who are busy, internationally mobile people who live and operate in multiple jurisdictions. We continue to attract the ultra-high-net-worth individuals who look for a very strong, trustworthy custodian down through the wealth pyramid to those with $2 million in investable assets.

Damian Kozlowski, CEO, Citigroup Private BankDamian Kozlowski, CEO, Citigroup Private Bank

Our focus is on new wealth creation rather than on legacy wealth transfer. We want to be the bank for entrepreneurs, real estate investors, and financial sponsors like private equity investors, venture capital and hedge fund managers.

Bob McCann, president Merrill Lynch Global Private Client businessBob McCann, president Merrill Lynch Global Private Client business

Our goal is to provide the best service to each client. To do that most effectively, we segment clients by assets. In the United States, clients with more than $10 million in assets are served by private wealth advisors in our Private Banking and Investment Group (PBIG). Clients with $250,000 to $10 million our served by financial advisors in our Advisory Division, and clients with under $250,000 in assets are served by our Financial Advisory Center.

Outside the United States, our business model is focused on high net-worth clients (more than $1 million in investable assets) and ultra high net-worth-clients (more than $30 million).