Awards for Excellence 2000: The end of the world as we know it


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Local banks are now in foreign hands. Farewell to the domestic bank! Deutsche Bank has transformed itself. Morgan Stanley Dean Witter builds on its successful franchise. BSCH flies the flag for the Spanish. Ben Beasley-Murray, Simon Brady, Brian Caplen, Chris Cockerill, Antony Currie, Anja Helk, Peter Lee, Julian Marshall, David Shirreff.

Global Awards

Best bank

Best investment bank

Most improved investment bank

Best mergers and acquisitions adviser

Best Emerging Market Bond House

Best Bond House for Sovereign Issues

Best smaller bank

Best underwrite of secondary equity offerings

Best at risk management

Best foreign exchange bank

Best at global syndicated loans

Best at European Syndicated Lending

Best project finance

Best at Euro and non-Dollar Commercial Paper
Best bank in the emerging markets

Best underwriter of euro and global bonds

Best corporate bond house

Best high-yield bonds

Best underwriter of IPOs

Best firm for equity linked

Best underwriter of asset backed securities

Best at custody and transaction services

Best smaller investment bank

Best Government Bond Trading House

Best at EMTNS

Best Eurobond trading house

Regional Awards

Standard Chartered Bank has modernized and developed. Zimbabwe banks are on the rack. Nedcor wins one fight and Deutsche shows its class. Chris Cockerill

Latin America
The Spanish banks have emerged as worthy contenders. Banco Galicia can mix it with the best. Lloyds TSB continues to expand in Guatemala. Brian Caplen, Michael Peterson

North America
The Americans have learned some painful lessons about mergers. The Canadians have been told they can't merge. Fifth Third Bank is successful where others aren't, and TDM in Canada shows the rest how to acquire and integrate. Antony Currie

Baltic region
Hansabank is the region's most successful bank. Foreigners take control. Simon Brady

Citibank and HSBC battle it out to be the best pan-Asian bank.Morgan Stanley Dean Witter succeeds in M&A and HDFC Bank had a great year in India. Kathryn Hanes     

Central Asia
Turks triumph in the Kyrgyz Republic. Chris Cockerill

The major concern remains consolidation. Deutsche Bank advances across the continent. Citigroup marches on. Goldman Sachs pips Morgan Stanley in M&A. Peter Lee

Non-eurozone Europe
Royal Bank of Scotland triumphs. Garanti goes consumer. Simon Brady, David Shirreff

Middle East
National Bank of Kuwait advances through technology. Samba gets ready for regional expansion. Lebanon's banks continue to struggle. Chris Cockerill

Central & eastern Europe
The Austrian powerhouses continue to make considerable investments in the region. Salomon Smith Barney is the most successful M&A house. Simon Brady, David Shirreff

Nordic region
MeritaNordbanken leads the pack to become the premier pan-Nordic bank. Alfred Berg overcomes adversity to claim the crown in equity and M&A. Christina White

Pacific Rim
Westpac leads in Australia. BTM is the biggest and the best in Japan. And Nomura Securities retains its powerful position. Graham Hands, Kathryn Hanes