Cash management survey 2015: results index

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View the results of 27,000 survey responses from treasury professionals.

Results index
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Non-financial institutions

Which ICMs do you use most globally?

Best regional cash manager

Best domestic cash manager

Qualitative category rankings

Includes: Access to clearing systems; Advisory services; Cash flow forecasting; Cash management network capabilities; System compatibility; Counterparty risk; Cross-border low value payments; E-banking applications/E-invoicing; Implement netting/In-house banking; Industry expertise & knowledge; Innovative/Tailored business solutions; Level of commitment to your cash management business; Liquidity/Credit facilities; Multi-currency capabilities; Payment/collection methods; Quality of electronic banking security, execution, personnel; Treasury management systems; Understanding of your business

Financial institutions

Which ICMs do you use most globally?

    Includes: Euro transactions; Dollar transactions; Sterling transactions; Yen transactions

    Regional results: Which ICMs do you use most: