Special report: Africa FX

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Accessing Africa's FX flows

Ghana bank notes-R-600


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Growth present and future
Africa’s growth prospects and favourable demographics are strong incentives for investment, but the best FX advice is essential.

Still an appetite for African debt
The good times are not entirely over for issuers.

Nothing but the best
Corporates, both foreign and local, are seeking increasingly sophisticated FX services and advice across the full range of African markets.

Citizens of the world
As Africa becomes more integrated into the global economy, international developments have a more direct impact on its own growth prospects.

Horses for courses
The range and diversity of African markets means that investors must tailor their expectations on FX services to the local realities. Good advice is the key.

Getting the regime right
Fixed or floating? Managed or not? The argument continues to rage within Sub-Saharan African central banks about how best to run and oversee a currency.

Chasing the currency dream
Despite some successes with regional monetary unions, the prospect of a pan-African currency remains as distant as ever, with the euro offering a cautionary tale.

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