The euro (EUR): special focus
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Foreign Exchange

The euro (EUR): special focus

Euromoney's latest coverage of the single currency.

The Grim Reaper's scythe has loomed over the euro ever since its inception.  Here is a comprehensive list of Euromoney's latest coverage on the survival of the single currency, plus choice pickings from the past two decades.

How the banking union fell into an Italian abyss

May 2018


Despite the latest attempts to stymie them, Eurosceptic populists remain the most powerful political force in Italy – largely thanks to anger at a banking crisis, often fanned by the ECB. Now their approach to power is killing the last chance of fixing the banking union, and possibly the euro.

Risk experts take flight over Italy’s political shock

May 2018


The new government is imminent and is expected to announce policies that will cause financial markets to turn their attentions from the recovering economy to unorthodox populism.

Croatia pins hopes on World Bank partial guarantee

September 2017

Sovereign targets credit uplift for euro admission; Lazard advises on SOE restructuring.

Inside investment: Learning to love the euro

May 2017

euros clock-600

Eurozone stress has been felt most acutely in the so-called periphery, but investors should look at the core of the European Union.

FX: Stronger euro prompts investors to reconsider hedging

April 2017


This year has been a good one for the eurozone economy, with business confidence, credit growth and economic activity set to hit a six-year high in the first quarter.

Against the tide: The return of the euro?

February 2017

euro dollar rolls-600

The dollar’s multi-year bull run might last a couple more months, but its fundamental underpinnings are weakening.

EU referendum: UK banks brace for Brexit risk 

June 2016 

Existential threat to euro wholesale industry; fears for loss of single-market passport.

What does emerging Europe get out of banking union?

June 2016

In the great debate on banking union, the smaller markets of emerging Europe are often overlooked. Yet, with banking sectors dominated by eurozone groups, they are uniquely vulnerable to changing regulatory regimes.

CSPP: The bull in the corporate china shop

June 2016

News of the ECB’s corporate-sector purchasing programme shocked the market in March and has already prompted a stampede for paper among desperate investors before the central bank has purchased a single bond. Bankers and investors are already complaining that the programme will not have its desired effect.

Corporates hedge Brexit risk with FX forwards 

May 2016 

With the spectre of a 'Leave' vote predominating in the UK EU referendum hanging heavily over FX markets, corporates are likely to further increase their use of forwards as a hedging option.

FX volatility wreaks havoc on UK corporate treasurers

January 2016

The world’s two major currencies – the US dollar and the euro – are making strong gains against the British pound; "the euro is benefiting from anti-risk sentiment."

The curious case of risk and the euro

Euro dollar-R-600

November 2015

The euro has emerged as a funding currency, and traditional euro/dollar safe-haven dynamics have broken down.

Inside investment: Swiss franc and euro – the allegory of the man cave

February 2015

How did the relationship of the Swiss franc and the euro turn out to be purely platonic? Conscious uncoupling was perhaps inevitable.

Swiss franc: special focus January 2015

The Swiss National Bank has been under sustained fire in its attempt to defend its euro peg in recent years. Accordingly, the shift in the long-defended policy regime has shocked markets and will have far-reaching implications for the euro, eastern Europe and private banking, among other things. Euromoney investigates.

Euro weakness seen as foreign investors hedge

October 2014

European bond and equity markets have been happy hunting grounds for foreign investors of late, and demand for European assets has helped support the euro, despite economic headwinds. However, bankers now report a shift to increased hedging of European exposures, leaving the region’s currency relatively unprotected against interest-rate differentials.

Euro carry trade the new 'Bernanke put' September 2014

As the Fed prepares for rate hikes, the hope is that the ECB stands ready to take over its mantle as chief global liquidity provider, raising the spectre of the euro becoming a more attractive funding currency for carry strategies.

Against the tide: QE this year is inevitable

July 2014

ECB president Mario Draghi has resisted using his quantitative easing bazooka up to now. However, with inflation expectations already moving lower, he will have to fire it before the year is out.

Against the tide: Time for ECB action

June 2014

What is needed is a persistently weaker euro. To get to that, the ECB needs either to embark on a comprehensive QE programme or intervene in the foreign exchange market. 

ECB salvation for European exporters seen unlikely

May 2014

With ECB policymakers meeting in Frankfurt next week, European exporters will watch with bated breath amid expectations the central bank will take action that helps weaken the euro. However, those anticipating fireworks might be disappointed, analysts say.

Against the tide: Europe deflates; time for QE

May 2014

The ECB view that eurozone disinflation is slowly reversing is unconvincing. QE might be the only strategy left, although it is not risk free.

Šimonyte: Lithuanian central bank eyes euro ambition

March 2014

Bank of Lithuania deputy chief Ingrida Šimonyte discusses the country’s euro-adoption plans, the challenges for the foreign-owned banking system, and the asset quality review in a wide-ranging interview.

ECB surprises markets with ‘do nothing’ strategy

March 2014

Enduring strength in the euro might derail any nascent recovery.

Turning Japanese: euro strength might be hard to bear

October 2013

Investors might fear that official action will be taken aimed at supressing euro strength, but the region is likely to have to put up with a strong currency.

Euro outlook remains challenging even as break-up fears recede

October 2013

After another annus horribilis for Europe in 2012, there has been a gradual but steady improvement in market sentiment this year. Although the growth outlook still looks weak, there has at least been some respite from the relentless worry about debt default and euro break-up.

Debt crisis dents euro’s reserve credentials

September 2013

The international role of the euro has shrunk to the lowest level since the creation of the single currency, according to the Bank for International Settlements (BIS).

Miroslav Singer: Gunning for intervention

September 2013

Famed for his tough approach to regulation, Czech central bank head Miroslav Singer now has his sights set on currency market intervention to reflate the country’s flagging economy. He talks to Euromoney about the limitations of fiscal policy, the prospects for Czech adoption of the euro, and the dangers of regulatory integration.

Proactive central bankers to keep euro and sterling in check

July 2013

Rarely have two decisions to leave interest rates on hold had such an impact on the currency market, but the Bank of England (BoE) and the European Central Bank (ECB) managed to put heavy pressure on the pound and the euro after their policy meetings on Thursday.

Renewed debt fears to put euro resilience to the test

June 2013

The euro has remained resilient amid the turmoil that has engulfed the financial markets in recent weeks, but its fortunes might be starting to turn.

Shrinking ECB balance sheet no shield against euro weakness

May 2013

For some, the growing divergence between the size of the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet and that of the European Central Bank (ECB) is a reason to be bullish on EURUSD, but that relationship might be in the process of breaking down.

Euro stumbles as Draghi eyes ECB deposit rate cut

May 2013

Single minded: emerging Europe and the euro

May 2013

German data give impetus to ECB rate cut – but beware simply selling euro

April 2013

Q&A: Rimantas Sadzius, Lithuanian finance minister

April 2013

Oil price slide spells danger for euro

April 2013

Europe ponders options for fiscal integration

April 2013

Reserve managers abandon the euro; intervention recycling equation altered

April 2013

Cyprus penny has not yet dropped for the euroApril 2013

Latvia’s Vilks defends euro decisionMarch 2013

Q&A: Andris Vilks, Latvian finance ministerMarch 2013

Europhoria takes single currency to new heightsFebruary 2013

Further euro strength could prompt ECB rate cutFebruary 2013

Death of the euro as a reserve currency exaggerated

January 2013

Merk: the euro might be the ‘rock star’ of 2013January 2013

Euro faces headwinds in 2013; renewed banking tensions threaten single currencyJanuary 2013

Foreign exchange: Toxic macro/monetary mix spells danger for euroJanuary 2013

The battle for the eurozone's soul: a reading listJanuary 2013

Special focus: Eurozone fragmentation

December 2012

The problem with the euro: it’s working too wellNovember 2012

Credit default swap ban leaves EUR vulnerable

October 2012

Is ECB president Mario Draghi playing with fire?July 2012

Special focus: GrexitMay 2012

Against the tide: Europe is not out of the woods

April 2012

Cash management: Firms prepare for euro break-upMarch 2012

Catch-22 – death knell of the euro?January 2012

Greece might exit the euro afterall...January 2012

Markets Outlook: Why doomsday prophecies for 2012 are wrongDecember 2011

Euro break-up is plausible and eurozone downgrades could push EU into a recessionDecember 2011

Against the tide: Euro’s end gameDecember 2011

Eurozone withdrawal slimOctober 2011

Sovereign debt crisis: Cost to Germany of leaving the euroOctober 2011

UBS counts the cost to Germany of leaving the euroSeptember 2011

Euro: Europe loses the benefits of the single currencyAugust 2011

Book review: The euro, alive but not kickingAugust 2011

What went wrong with the euro: Lessons for AfricaJuly 2011

Euro exit: the final card in Greece's handJune 2011

Against the tide: It’s a twin-track EuropeAugust 2010

Breaking up the euroApril 2010

Against the tide: Reports of the euro’s death are greatly exaggeratedMarch 2009

Euro adoption: Crunch makes euro attractiveDecember 2008

Does east follow west to the euro?September 2006

On the road to eurolandOctober 2005

Here comes the euroJanuary 2005

Euro's recovery waits for green light from DublinJuly 2002

Euro awaits single financial marketDecember 2001

Europe, the euro and sterlingJuly 2001

Which way for the euro now?October 2000

Pushing the euro uphill?October 2000

Death in the eurozone

August 2000

Embracing change

August 1998

The capped crusaderJuly 1998

Which way for the euro?June 1998

Europe sleepwalks into dangerous territoryApril 1998

SS Euro – sinking the unsinkableApril 1998

If not Emu, then what?

August 1997

How to fix conversion rates

August 1997

Emu on track

August 1997

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