2014: a year in data

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Throughout 2014, Euromoney’s Research Group was constantly monitoring the views and opinions of market participants via our benchmark rankings, pulse surveys and Euromoney Country Risk service.

In total, more than 50,000 individual responses were submitted to our surveys (see chart) from just about every leading financial institution and corporate across the globe.


The data produced by these surveys give a unique insight into some of the biggest stories in financial markets during the course of the year. 

From the scandal of the fixing of the foreign exchange market, to the introduction of a Single Euro Payments Area, the continuing economic crisis in Europe and the conflict in Ukraine, Euromoney’s proprietary data tell the story of a turbulent 12 months.

Themes from the global financial markets

FX: A fine time for the top ten

Top 10 overall FX market share 2014

FX: Why the fix still isn't fixed

What should replace the 4pm London Fix

SEPA: Self-Explanatory Poll Answer

Is your company fully SEPA compliant

SEFs: Slow growth to accelerate?

Expected percentage of FX volume traded on SEFs

Economic risk analysis

MENA: Two regions in one


BRICs hit the economic wall

BRICs sovereign ECR scores 2014

LatAm: Mexico outscores Brazil

Mexico-Brazil sovereign risk versus stock market performance

Germany vs France: Mind the gap

France/Germany overall ECR scores 2010-2014

Greece: Turning point to point of no return?

ECR scores versus 10-year government bond yields 2014

Rouble brews trouble for Russia

Russia sovereign risk matches rouble/dollar exchange rate

Africa: Corruption remains a core issue

What are the biggest risks to the development of capital markets in Africa

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