Macaskill on markets

Macaskill on markets

Liquidity drought’s conflicted Cassandras



Identity crisis

Survey and award results 

Awards for Excellence 2015: View the results now

July 2015

Euromoney’s Awards for Excellence cover more than 20 global product categories, best-in-class awards in all regions and the best banks in close to 100 countries around the world. The full results are available here and are accessible by subscribers.

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Euromoney Country Risk survey results H1 2015: In search of safe havens with Greece on the brink

July 2015

The latest quarterly round-up from Euromoney’s crowd-sourcing country risk survey – a unique poll of more than 440 expert participants – shows no fewer than 80 of the world’s 186 sovereigns becoming riskier during the first half of 2015.

FX Survey 2015: results index

June 2015

View full results from Euromoney's 37th annual survey of liquidity consumption within the global FX markets.

Fixed Income Research Survey 2015: results index

June 2015

Find out who the best fixed-income issuers are, as nominated by investors. Under the categories of issuance strategy, credit quality and investor relations, this Euromoney global research survey brings you exclusive insight into who is at the top of this competitive market. Respondents also nominated their top three credit-research teams or individuals across the same categories.

Best borrowers survey 2015: Results index

June 2015

Euromoney’s Best borrowers capture the most important names and trends seen across the globe during the past 12 months.

Euromoney Country Risk Survey Q1 2015: Russia crisis, China fragility and EMs’ capital-flow shock

April 2015

Emerging markets (EMs) with fiscal and external imbalances, vulnerable to capital outflows – including oil and other commodity producers struggling to balance their budgets – are among the 72 sovereigns downgraded since the end of 2014 by more than 440 economists and other country-risk experts.

Innovations in Islamic Finance 2015: Innovation or integrity – the great dilemma

May 2015

The growth and globalization of Islamic finance over the past decade has been a rare success story for the financial industry. Here, Euromoney examines the challenges the sector faces to rise to the next level. Throughout the section, we highlight the banks, advisers, issuers and companies that are moving the industry forward, in Euromoney’s inaugural Innovation in Islamic finance awards.

Trade Finance Survey 2015: Results index

January 2015

The survey is designed to give our readers valuable information on the global trade finance market and the opportunity to rank trade finance providers across a selection of service categories and an overall global ranking of providers as rated by their clients.

Cash management survey 2014: results index

September 2014

View the results of a record 28,000 survey responses from treasury professionals.

Finance minister of the year 2014: Reformer Videgaray transforms Mexico

September 2014

Mexico’s finance minister is the rarest of breeds in the current global economy. He is delivering reform-driven economic growth


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