2014: a year in numbers

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1 – the value in trillions of euros the European Central Bank is planning to expand its balance sheet by to try and revive the flagging eurozone economy.  

1.5 – the value in trillions of dollars of US corporate bonds issued last year, setting a new annual best as record low rates spurred on jumbo bond sales in a jumbo year.   

6.4 – the number of billion kilometres a European Space Agency probe travelled before landing on a comet called 67P. Might have cost a bit more than that to get there. 

7 – (painfully for the host country) the number of goals Germany smashed passed Brazil in the semi-final of the World Cup before winning it (again).  

8.97 – the record fine in billions of dollars BNP Paribas paid last year to settle allegations by US authorities that it had breached US sanctions on Cuba, Iran and Sudan.

14.4 – the number of results returned in millions for a quick Google search of ‘high yield bubble’. Worryingly, there were 16.5 million results for ‘high yield healthy’.

25 – the value in billions of dollars that Chinese e-commerce site Alibaba raised in its record IPO last year.

29 – the position the Jamaican two-man bobsled team finished at the Sochi Winter Olympics. They weren’t last – the Serbians took that accolade.

55.3 – the percentage of Scottish voters who voted ‘och no’ in the independence referendum, maintaining the status quo of the United Kingdom. For now.

– the number of times Euromoney heard bankers talking about how M&A would come back with a big bang in 2015 was, frankly, off the scale.