Quotes of the month

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Juan Landazabal, Deutsche
“The primary market has become our liquidity window, offering almost the only chance to put money to work in size. In the US high-grade market we started to see new issues coming through secondary trading levels last year. The primary market is no longer about gaining premium, it’s more about achieving your fill and getting a large quantity of money invested”

Juan Landazabal of Deutsche Asset and Wealth Management explains how lack of liquidity in bond markets is driving the order frenzy in new issues

Stepan Kubiv
“I saw dead people at Maidan. I took them in my arms, I closed the eyes of the dead with my own fingers. Even today, these memories hurt me and I have dreams about it every night”

Stepan Kubiv has gone from protester to governor of Ukraine’s central bank in just a few weeks

thursby-big illo
“I fear for the west a bit. Western organizations have become incumbent models, and incumbency can lead to

Alex Thursby, chief executive of National Bank of Abu Dhabi, sees an opportunity for banks from the Middle East and Asia

Piyush Gupta, DBS

“One of the biggest challenges the world faces is inequality. The fallout has been manifested in the Arab Spring and the protests against the so-called 1%. Leaving this issue of inequality in the hands of governments will be dangerous. The private sector needs to be proactive. Otherwise we will see more populist bashing, not just of bankers but of corporate leaders”

Piyush Gupta, CEO of Singapore’s DBS, on why bank leaders need to think about more than just their employees and their shareholders