How to fix the great bond liquidity crisis – view complimentary webinar

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Exclusive webinar with top market participants on the challenges and opportunities for electronic trading platforms for bonds.

Gain valuable insight as our panel discusses critical issues affecting bond market liquidity and the rise of all-to-all trading platforms.

• Has credit bond market liquidity reached crisis point?

• Is it time for investors to take responsibility and do something about the liquidity challenge?

• Which kind of investors are trading on all-to-all platforms?

• Will investors want to reveal their positions to competitors?

• Can investors dealing on all-to-all platforms transact closer to the mid-market price and secure a trading cost advantage?

• Could regulators push for transparency and exchange-like trading for bonds? 


Niall Cameron,
global head of credit
trading, HSBC
Constantinos Antoniades,
CEO and founder Vega-Chi 
Dominic Holland
Director of credit and
e-commerce sales
Deutsche Bank
Peter Lee, editorial director

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