Cesar Purisima, Finance secretary, Philippines – video

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Euromoney’s Finance Minister of the Year waxes lyrical about the country’s fiscal progress, capital market reform and Asian regional integration.



Finance minister of the year 2012: Purisima pushes Philippines to new heights 
September 2012
Confidence in the Philippines’ economy among the international financial community has never been better, and finance secretary Cesar Purisima has played a key role – tackling the country’s problems and improving its finances.

Purisima drives down the road to reform
October 2012
The Philippines’ secretary of finance, Cesar Purisima, has a reputation for probity that has reached street level. And he is determined to rapidly advance economic growth through the encouragement of entrepreneurship, the development of capital markets and increased regional integration. 

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Asean: Ratings on the rise
September 2011
The Philippines is on the right track, with finance secretary Cesar Purisima on a personal crusade to get a ratings upgrade.

The Republic of Philippines secretary of finance Cesar PurisimaAsean gets bullish on regional integration
September 2011
"We are really bullish looking to the future of an integrated Asean," Purisima says, as images of idyllic Boracay beaches and the rolling chocolate hills of Bohol drift past on a TV monitor behind him, a pitch to attract more intra-Asian tourism to the Philippines. "Asean is an economy of 600 million people, a very favourable demographic, and the Philippines is very well positioned to actively participate in that." 

Philippines pushes out the curve for infrastructure 
June 2011
Purisima says more local funding to come; Republic targets investment-grade rating

Philippines ponders infrastructure bonds and linkers
May 2011
Purisima says more local funding to come; Republic targets investment grade rating 

Dirty politics, despairing country
September 2005
Under then-finance secretary Cesar Purisima, the government introduced a series of fiscal and tax measures designed to tackle a government budget deficit. Then came the political crisis that has consumed the country ever since.

Philippines: Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory
August 2005
Cesar Purisima, the respected ex-finance secretary who resigned in July to protest against Arroyo's leadership, remarked recently that Filipinos are too happy, too forgiving. He is right.

Euromoney delegates hear it first

July 2005
In the middle of a speech at the Euromoney Asia-Pacific Bond Congress, finance secretary Cesar Purisima announced the Bureau of Internal Revenue was filing tax evasion charges against Arthur C Yap, the secretary for agriculture and a long-term supporter of Arroyo.

Wake-up time for the Philippines 
May 2005
Left for dead after the financial crisis, the Philippine stock market is barely a rounding error on foreign investor's portfolios. But despite the country's economic woes, the market has emerged recently from its long sleep. Whether the recovery is a long-term trend or a brief flutter on an otherwise flat line seems to be up to the government.