Goldman Sachs: It’s a yum for D-Sol’s banger


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Banker-DJ David Solomon hits a sweet spot with remix review.


Verified buyer Electric Mower Guy absolutely loves it. He gives it five stars on Amazon Music along with an approving, if short, review. His summation of DJ D-Sol’s remix of Fleetwood Mac’s banger ‘Don’t stop’ comprises one word: “yum”. 

Euromoney so wanted to hate it. 

The chief executive to-be of Goldman Sachs, David Solomon, has no business enjoying such a delightful second job. But we have to agree with mower guy. His first track, released on Crowd Records in time for the summer festival season, is sweet indeed, especially the extended four-and-a-half-minute version, which gives just enough time for our inner dad dancer to get his groove on. We are the same age as Solomon after all and need a while to spin around the kitchen and embarrass the (now grown) kids.

Forget the three-minute A-side, if you’re going to pay $1.29 to Amazon – a client of Goldman of course.

“Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow; Don’t stop, it’ll soon be here,” sang Christine McVie back in 1977, presumably thinking more about her separation from husband John, the band’s bass player, and not October 1, 2018, the day when Solomon steps up to take over from Lloyd Blankfein. 

“It’ll be, better than before,” the band assures us. “Yesterday’s gone, yesterday’s gone.”

So who knows? Maybe they did have an inkling. 

Big suit

Cynics see a lame attempt here to make Goldman somehow more appealing to millennials. And we should note that mower guy does score Tiësto and Dzeko’s uplifting ‘Jackie Chan’ a full “yum, yum.” So, D-Sol probably shouldn’t give up the day job just yet. But crap remixes even of great originals don’t get 2.5 million listens on Spotify just because the artist is a big suit. Sorry.

“NYC native DJ D-Sol has a passion for soul, disco and house music and has played as an opening act for Paul Oakenfold, Galantis as well as with SiriusXM’s Liquid Todd,” Spotify informs us. “His personal mantra is to never lose sight of what you are passionate about, and he lives by those words to the fullest through his love of music.”

Euromoney just hopes Solomon’s passion will see him branch out. The Bee Gees’ back catalog would surely would be a source of timeless classics for him to work over with his happy house party vibe. They already have a wonderful tribute band, Tragedy, which plays joyously camp heavy metal versions of tracks like ‘Stayin’ Alive’. 

If DJ D-Sol should ever open for Tragedy, wild horses wouldn’t keep Euromoney away.