State-owned sovereign wealth funds: The new rulers of finance


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An in-depth look at the state-owned sovereign wealth funds that are now dominating the attention of the world's financial markets. As investors digest news of of Adia's $7.5 billion investment in Citigroup, read Euromoney's unrivalled guide to the different strategies and investment styles of these hugely important funds – and learn how investment banks are trying to maximise their business with them.

Euromoney is the leading source for information about these funds. In April 2006 we were the first magazine to gain access to ADIA, and the facts and figures revealed in that story are used by many other information providers to this day. Get up to speed on Adia and the wealth funds today on

The new rulers of finance
Euromoney December 2007
By Sudip Roy
State-owned, cash-rich and increasingly influential, sovereign wealth funds have emerged as the most controversial players in the financial markets. All the constituents – banks, private equity, corporates, hedge funds – want a slice of their action. Just how powerful will the funds become?

Getting the basics right
It is one thing to want a sovereign wealth fund but to actually set one up is a long and challenging process.

Financial institutions weigh up the opportunities
The proliferation of sovereign wealth funds is an opportunity and challenge for investment banks and asset managers. The opportunity is clear: potential business.

Fight on for Aussie’s future prizes
The Future Fund, created last year to cover long-term pension liabilities for the Australian federal public sector, is very much in its infancy but is finally managing money.

Temasek: A fund apart?
In a world of increasingly powerful and mistrusted sovereign wealth funds, Temasek, the investment arm of the Singapore state, stands apart in terms of governance, openness and performance, claims Simon Israel, its executive director.

Citi’s lesson from history
The US bank recovered from a similar crisis in the early 1990s. But this time around it lacks strong leadership.

Money and mystery: Adia unveils its secrets
Euromoney April 2006
By Sudip Roy

Abu Dhabi Investment Authority is one of the world’s biggest institutional investors. It is also one of the most guarded. It publishes no numbers. It seldom makes any public statements. In a rare interview, two of its most senior officials lift the lid on the organization, revealing the reasons for its success. Sudip Roy reports from Abu Dhabi.

A breeding ground for talent | Abu Dhabi makes big waves  
Conservative ethos | External managers | Beta dominance | Market views | Avoidance techniques

DIC looks to spread its investment wings
Euromoney April 2007
Simon Brady speaks to Sameer Al Ansari (SA), executive chairman, Dubai International Capital, and Rabih Khoury (RK), DIC’s head of Middle East and North Africa Investments about the strategies of the international investment arm of conglomerate Dubai Holding and how it fits in the Dubai Investment Group.