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The Champions League of investment banking

How we calculated the investment banking Champions League table

Director of football:Charles Prince
Age: 56
Appointed: 2003
Value added: 0% pa (16th)
Chop rating: 4/5

When, oh when is the share price going to move? Chuck is juggling his senior management team to get results. If it doesn’t work, he could be the next to move on

Head coaches: Michael Klein (43, 2006) Tom Maheras (44, 2006)

Star players:
Klein and Maheras are, respectively, the playmaker and the engine room for Citigroup’s global business. Can they cope with added management responsibility and improve the results?

Rising star: Bill Mills, as head of corporate and investment banking for EMEA, has taken Citi to uncharted heights in the European M&A business, with a huge supporting role from whizzkid apprentice Peter Tague

Weakest link: The longstanding problem of indiscipline appears to have been dealt with. Now it appears that the huge size of the squad is a bit of a problem for Prince, although he might not realize it. The frantic and expensive investment in structured credit is much needed, but incredibly late compared with key competitors

Key transfers 2006:

IN: Michael Raynes (head of global CDO and structured credit, from Deutsche Bank); Marcus Browning (global head of FX trading, from Merrill Lynch)

OUT: Marwan Marshi (global head of fixed income capital markets, to Deutsche Bank); Todd Thomson (global wealth management)

2006 capital markets performance (▼/▲ 2005)

Overall fees: $4,302mln (+13.1%) 2nd (▼1)
DCM: $1,552.2mln (+11.8%) 1st (no move)
ECM: $1,457.4mln (+26%) 2nd (▼1)
M&A: $1,292.9mln (+2.6%) 4th (no move)
FX market share: 10.39% (+2.89%) 3rd (no move)

Rankings 2006:

Return on equity: 19.3% (12th)
Growth of earnings: -7% (16th)
Market cap: $273.7bln (1st)

Champions League position 2006: 4th=
If Citigroup were a Champions League team it would be: AC Milan. One of the undoubted giants of the game, but has not dominated the past decade as its competitors feared, and its major supporters expected

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The investment banking Champions League 2006
Euromoney's unscientific guide to the industry's leading firms
Click on the firm's name below to read commentaryOverall feesRoEGoEMark capTotal
1Goldman Sachs321614971
2Morgan Stanley261116861
3JP Morgan281151458
6Credit Suisse201011748
7Merrill Lynch24610646
9Deutsche Bank1889439
11Lehman Brothers16126236
12BNP Paribas6971133
13Bear Stearns14412131
14Société Générale2155527
15ABN Amro1272324
Source: Dealogic, Annual reports, Euromoney