Year in data 2015: Euromoney data

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Every data point tells a story…

Euromoney produced a rich seam of data throughout 2015 to inform and support our coverage of key issues that have affected financial markets and the banking industry. 

Over 40,000 institutions participated in Euromoney Research Group’s benchmark rankings this year — polls that tackle opaque markets where it is often difficult to assess client priorities and bank performance. And over 400 sovereign risk experts participated in Euromoney Country Risk. This crowd-sourced risk data flagged up potential sovereign downgrades or upgrades months before they occurred. 

Data from Euromoney’s benchmark rankings has proved granular enough to pin point what different types of clients want from their banks and how their priorities vary across the regions and the countries that those banks operate in. 

For example, over 23,000 companies representing annual gross revenue in excess of $1 trillion of sales participated in the 2015 cash management survey

From asking market participants whether blockchain is hype or here to stay, or asking green bond investors in which direction they want to see the market grow, to monitoring the changing landscape of the FX market — Euromoney’s data has kept our readers informed on the major issues in 2015.