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Debate participants
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Orkun Oğuz (OO), executive VP, direct banking, Akbank Orkun Oğuz (OO), executive VP – direct banking, Akbank.
He began his career as a marketing analyst at FedEx in the US before joining Peppers & Rogers Group, serving as chief executive of EMEA and then the US.  
Emre Kanaat (EK), head of consumer services, Vodafone TurkeyEmre Kanaat (EK), head of consumer services, Vodafone Turkey, he leads the firm’s mobile financial services, communication and connectivity services and content business. He has worked in telco products and services, mobile finance, strategic planning, MIS, corporate governance, digital marketing, customer services and loyalty programmes. 
Onur Erbay (OE), general manager, Hopi

Onur Erbay (OE), general manager, Hopi. He began his career at Arçelik-LG as team engineer. He became team leader at Otokar and then production systems manager at Ontex. He was a consultant at McKinsey in Chicago for three years, then returned to Turkey with Rocket Internet. He is the founding general manager of evimister.com. 

Kutay Konakcı (KK), head of CRM, hepsiburada.com

Kutay Konakcı (KK), head of CRM, hepsiburada.com. He joined hepsiburada.com in 2012 and took over as head of CRM in 2014. Before joining hepsiburada, he worked in the pharmaceutical sector for four years and offline retail (D&R) for two years.

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