Private banking and wealth management: special focus

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The rise of the chief investment officers, exclusive interviews with top CIOs, the results of latest Euromoney Private Banking Survey, an investigation into offshore private banking and the rise and rise of emerging markets.

The rise of the chief investment officers

Plus: 2014 outlook 

Extended interviews with CIOs of five of the leading global wealth managers


Private banking CEOs

Private Banking and Wealth Management Survey 2014 

The primacy of global heft and a strong home base
The results of the latest Euromoney Private Banking Survey show
that as banks retreat from non-core markets, domestic players are left
to dominate in their countries. Yet global expertise is more desired
than ever.

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View headline results:

Global results

Regional results

Country results


“The danger is that executives are forgetting the core premise of private banking – service and relationships. Clients don’t want to be dropped into buckets of assets”

- Is wealth management what is wanted?

Billionaires’ business empires a key to growth for transaction banks
Banks are targeting the mega-rich private clients of their wealth management arms to help drive their corporate and transaction services businesses by banking more of the companies their wealthy clients own. 


Offshore private banking

Switzerland may benefit from new rules
It is not the only offshore centre, but it is the biggest. As the private banking industry moves to an onshore model, what now for the country?


• Costs of real estate and hiring are the biggest burdens

• Global players target ultra-high-net-worth clients

• Succession planning is a focus for Asia’s clients

• Consolidation among private banks in the region is inevitable

Asia private banking debate

Costs and competition to drive Asian consolidation 
The region is seen as the growth engine for private banks, but it is not without its trials.

Asia investment focus 

Asia’s private bank CEOs reveal clients’ prize investment opportunities


The wealthy look abroad as Brazil’s brilliant future dims
In the past year the country’s private bank clients have been persuaded of the need to diversify into global investments – not as a panic measure in a time of crisis but as a regular aspect of their allocations.

Brazil: Private banking feels the Batista effect