Middle East debate: Gulf dynamism drives regional transaction banking

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Euromoney speaks to providers and users of transaction banking in the Gulf region about the market’s growing importance and the localization of expertise.

Middle East debate participants


• Economic buoyancy in the Gulf is sufficient to promote strong competition between banks

• Flight to safety to UAE is good for banks there

• Regional gaps in capital markets and value-transfer systems create opportunities for banks

• A greater professionalizism among corporate treasuries is driving best practice among providers

• Desire to export is growing and driving demand for transaction banking

• Local banks are more than measuring up to international competitors

• Cultural obstacles to introducing modern cash management are being overcome

• Sanctions against Iran complicate regional transaction banking

Elliot Wilson, Euromoney What is the business climate like here, given the uncertainties elsewhere in the world?

HG, ADCB Growth levels vary across the Gulf Cooperation Council countries – for example, it’s higher by far in the UAE and in Saudi Arabia, key coverage countries for ADCB. Within the UAE, Dubai...