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The global Awards for Excellence were announced on 11 July and can be read online and in the July edition of Euromoney magazine.

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For almost 50 years, Euromoney has been the leading publication for covering the growth of international finance. Over the past 12 months its coverage has included interviews with close to 100 bank CEOs, ministers of finance and central bank governors around the world. 

Euromoney's Awards for Excellence are the awards that matter to the banks and bankers who matter. They were established in 1992 and were the first of their kind in the global banking industry. This year Euromoney received almost 1,500 submissions from banks in an awards programme that covers 20 global awards, more than 50 regional awards, and best bank awards in close to 100 countries.

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2017 results

World's best bank 2017: HSBC

World's best bank 2017: HSBC

July 06, 2017

Stuart Gulliver’s six-year transformation of HSBC has created a global bank that works, rather than one that merely exists.