About Euromoney magazine


Euromoney was born with the wholesale international capital (euro-)markets, and for almost 50 years we’ve championed their evolution and the development of the institutions that serve them.

Finance is a people business as much as it is a numbers one and our intimate familiarity with the personalities, histories and characteristics of its players, firms and markets gives us the ability to see ahead. 

Our content is driven by our access to the leaders who are shaping the present and future of banking and the capital markets. They trust us to understand their complex institutions.

We speak constantly with bank chairmen and CEOs across the globe; top investment bankers from international and local champions; ministers of finance and central bank governors; banks’ leading clients; and to challengers and disrupters in the financial industry. 

About Asiamoney magazine


For nearly three decades, Asiamoney has been the voice of the banking and capital markets industries in Asia. During that time, this publication has been instrumental in covering developments in finance in the most exciting region in the world.

As Asia’s banks and the markets they operate in reach new levels of sophistication and maturity, Asiamoney is following suit by moving on to the next level. To that end, we have made some fundamental changes to Asiamoney – how it covers Asia’s banks and its markets – to bring the same core values that have made Euromoney the most respected title in global financial publishing.

When we write about your country’s banking sector or capital markets, or when we analyse and report on key themes in the region, we do so in greater depth and with better understanding than any of our competitors. When we nominate institutions for our banking awards, we will do so only after a thorough and transparent process. When we bring surveys to the market, we ensure that they are timely and reach the correct respondents, generating rankings and data that are the benchmark for the industry in Asia. In short, we commit to ensuring that Asiamoney remains the most authoritative voice for the banking industry in the region. 

About Euromoney Latin America


Welcome to Euromoney's new publication dedicated to covering the development of the region’s banks and financial markets.

We are excited to have the editorial space of this new publication to explore the great stories that we have in the region. Our editorial team is based here and we live these economies and markets every day. 

We hope you enjoy the journey and we hope to play a role in uncovering the dynamism, financial innovation and business diversity that has for too long gone unacknowledged in Latin America.

About Euromoney Africa


It is almost 50 years since Euromoney was born with the wholesale international capital markets, to chronicle their evolution and that of the institutions that serve them. Today, the growth of banking and finance is now arguably at its most exciting, most important – and least exposed – in Africa.

At a pivotal time for the region, we draw on Euromoney’s industry commitment and understanding to witness the ambitions and the challenges of Africa’s financial leaders, bringing to life the realities of banking and finance on this continent.

As you read these articles, we will welcome your feedback. Above all, we value the opportunity to visit you and your organization, to gain your insights into your institution and this fascinating industry.