The world's largest banks in 2006


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*The 2007 guide is now available* This is an annual guide to the leading banks across the globe by market capitalization, plus other key statistics, including the largest banks in every region.

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The 2007 bank atlas is now available: The world's largest banks
Guide to the leading banks across the globe by market capitalization

The world's largest banks: Bank atlas, with data from Moody's
An atlas of banks country-by-country (approx. 1000 banks) and a list of the top 250 global financial groups by assets for 2006 and 2007. The lists includes banks as well as Building Societies. Both lists provide the bank name, the country, the rating information if available and 10 common ratios based on 2-year public information.

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2006 Global ranking by Shareholder equity ($m)
Rank Entity Score


112537 ($m) 
2 JPMorgan Chase107211 ($m)
3 Bank of America  101224 ($m)
4 HSBC 98226  ($m)
5 Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group 83281  ($m) 
6 Groupe Crédit Agricole 65137  ($m) 
7 Royal Bank of Scotland Group  64453  ($m) 
8 BNP Paribas 56610  ($m)
9 Santander Central Hispano 53640  ($m)
10 Mizuho Financial Group  52243 ($m)

The top 250 banks are scored and ranked each year.
The above are the top ten by shareholder equity in 2006.
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Full Results and drill down the results of the rankings. Banks are ranked by:
  •   Shareholder equity ($m) - World's largest bank by shareholder equity
  •   Total assets ($m) - World's largest bank by assets
  •   Net income ($m)- World's largest bank by net income
  •   RoE, period end (%)- World's largest bank by RoE
  •   RoA, period end (%)- World's largest bank by RoA
  •   Loans as a percent of deposits - World's largest bank by loans as a percent of deposits
  •   Tier 1 capital ratio - World's largest bank by tier 1 capital ratio

More information on bank atlas: the world's largest banks.

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