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Angola, which has recently emerged from civil war, is in the process of building its own identity. A systematic drive towards diversification of the economy away from the oil sector and the process of de-dollarization are pivotal parts of this process. How are banks, the government and locals coping as this transformation takes hold?


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Country Awards for Excellence 2016: Angola
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Country risk: Angolan investors ignore risks
Investors snapped up Angola’s $1.5 billion Eurobond debut this month, and yet the sovereign borrower’s country-risk score has plunged, putting it among the world’s worst default risks.
Eurobond option still on the cards for Angola
Armando Manuel, Angola’s finance minister, says that Angola will still issue a Eurobond despite recurring delays.
Angola's de-dollarization drive
The country’s radical programme has put pressure on the banking sector, which in its short existence has relied heavily on the business brought in by foreign exchange. How can banks stay afloat with a lack of dollars in the system?
Is Angola ready for PPPs?
The international community has lauded Angola for its quick-thinking and tough decision-making following the sharp fall in the oil price. In February, Angola cut AKz1.8 trillion ($14.3 billion) from its AKz7.2 trillion budget – months before Nigeria, the region’s largest economy and oil producer, made any changes to its own economic outlook.
Angola goes after diversification
The fall in the oil price and the de-dollarization of the economy has done even more to highlight Angola’s over-dependence on oil. As a result, the diversification of the economy is higher-up on the government’s agenda than ever before.
Angola’s de-dollarization dilemma
The drive away from the dollar and towards meaningful use of the kwanza could make Angola’s poor even more vulnerable.
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Angola: New exchange faces liquidity question
Chief executive admits concerns; equity trading planned for 2016.
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Country Awards for Excellence 2015: Africa
Best bank: Banco de Fomento Angola
Africa bond: special focus

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Angola to test African Eurobond appetite
Angola could become the first African sovereign bond borrower since the great oil price crash this year in a debut deal that will set the tone for frontier-market debt.
Angolan SWF chairman calls for greater support as oil price falls
The Angolan government could provide greater financial support to its fledgling $5 billion sovereign wealth fund (SWF), according to its chairman, amid rising concerns over the impact falling oil prices will have on the country's economy.
Angola sets sights on capital-markets reform
The development of Angola's capital markets has been long promised but recent indications from the country's capital-markets commission suggests secondary public-debt trading could begin as early as next month. Nevertheless, it's unclear when the stock exchange will open its doors.
Angola’s sovereign wealth fund sets sights on alternatives
Issues around transparency remain as Angola’s sovereign wealth fund gears up to invest.
Angola: Standard Chartered opens Angolan subsidiary
First global bank with onshore presence; follows new oil payments legislation.