Transparency in the FX Industry

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Thomson Reuters FXExchange 2015 brings together leading FX industry experts on topics affecting all participants in the world’s most liquid asset class.

We hope you find the insights useful, and look forward to continuing to work with our partners and clients in the coming year.

Featuring Guy Debelle, Reserve Bank of Australia. Investigations into benchmark manipulation have cast a long shadow over the FX industry, but efforts to address what went wrong through stronger behvavioural standards are now well advanced.

Featuring Douglas Cifu, Virtu Financial. The provision and consumption of liquidity in the FX market has evolved in recent years, with new participants and distribution mechanisms, but concerns have been raised about the market’s resilience at times of stress.
Featuring Beng-Hong Lee, Deutsche Bank. Chinese renminbi is well on its way to becoming a major global currency, driven by the commitment of Chinese and international authorities to develop the necessary market infrastructure.

Featuring Ron Leven, PhD, Head of FX Pre-Trade Strategy, Thomson Reuters. For market participants seeking to optimize their FX trading strategies, some thoughts on trends in vols and their effects.