Paraguay special report 2014: Paraguay opens for business

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A simple and serious message
Backed by rising growth rates and successful capital market deals, Paraguay is telling the world it is very much open for business.

Providing a solid base
An interview with Carlos Fernandez Valdovinos, president of the central bank of Paraguay.

Diversification: building a broader-based economy
An ambitious infrastructure plan is central to the government’s plans to diversify the economy away from agriculture and increase its capacity to export. 

International strategy: at the centre of things
Once seen as isolated and hostile to foreign investment, Paraguay now portrays itself as being at the centre of Latin America, trading on its strengths as a low-cost location on the fringe of the vast Brazilian market. 

Agriculture: building on core strengths
The production of food commodities is where Paraguay excels. Government plans focus on reducing the impact of volatility on the agricultural industry through the use of technology, improved transport links and increased processing capacity.

Capital attraction: raising the profile
Paraguay’s two recent capital markets deals succeeded both in securing much-needed funds for infrastructure investment and in raising awareness among international investors.

Paraguay’s rising score trend is more than just an economic story
Paraguay’s rising score in Euromoney’s Country Risk survey reflects a fundamental shift in the political and structural outlook since the new president took office last year.

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