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Country risk survey monitoring political and economic stability of countries around the globe.

Euromoney Country Risk Survey results 2014:
Negative oil shock creates new threats

With falling oil prices sending the currencies of hydrocarbons producers tumbling, amid political instability, conflict risk and weak, unbalanced economies persisting, almost half the world’s sovereigns endured higher risk in 2014.

Looming China crisis adds to eurozone and emerging-market threats
ECR Q3 2014

The latest results from the Euromoney Country Risk survey point to an unprecedented rise in risk across almost all geographical regions since June, with emerging markets (EMs) taking the biggest hit as doubts over China, the eurozone and US liquidity support weigh heavily on experts’ evaluations.

Euromoney Country Risk survey results H1 2014:
EM rout prompts flight to safety

The latest results from the ECR survey show emerging markets (EMs) becoming riskier during the first half of this year, in contrast to the increasing safety offered by developed countries across the G10 and an improving eurozone.

Country Risk Survey results Q1 2014: 
Confidence in EMs nosedives as eurozone trust returns

The rise in global risk witnessed in 2013 continued during the first quarter of this year as experts taking part in Euromoney’s Country Risk Survey reassessed the investment prospects of EMs versus their developed-country counterparts. 

Country Risk Survey results FY2013:
Eurozone woes and tapering fears stalk global economy
Global risk continued to rise in 2013, according to the latest results of Euromoney’s Country Risk Survey. Gloomy analysts remain cautious on the eurozone and the potential impact of the withdrawal of US monetary stimulus on capital flows to emerging market economies. 

Country Risk Survey results Q2 2013:
US and Japan pull away from Europe and Brics

A broad rebalancing of country risk perceptions has taken place this year, according to the June results of Euromoney’s Country Risk Survey.

About Euromoney's Country risk ratings

Country risk survey monitoring political and economic stability of countries around the globe.

Euromoney Country Risk evaluates the investment risk of a country, such as risk of default on a bond, risk of losing direct investment, risk to global business relations etc, by taking a qualitative model, which seeks an expert opinion on risk variables within a country (70% weighting) and combining it with three basic quantitative values (30% weighting).

Factors included in the ranking of countries by risk: 

    Political risk 
    Economic performance/projections 
    Structural assessment
    Debt indicators 
    Credit Ratings 
    Access to bank finance 
    Access to capital markets 

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