China retail gold survey 2014: Methodology

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China gold 2014
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The Euromoney China retail gold survey was open from May 19 to June 13. All responses were collected online from investors in gold and gold-backed products from the People’s Republic of China. Euromoney received 701 responses:

Shanghai Area 42%

Jiangsu (province) 17%

Beijing Area 9%

Shandong (province) 9%

Guangzhou Area 1%

Fujian (province) 1%

Henan (province) 1%

Rest of China 20%

Respondents were asked to name banks whose gold investment services they used. The split of the votes cast is shown below:China gold piggy

Physical gold 35%

Paper products 29%

Structured products 20%

Shanghai Gold Exchange 16%

Respondents were asked to rate their providers on the scale of one (poor) to seven (excellent) for criteria relating to client service, product range and investment strategy and advice.

Scores were calculated as an arithmetic mean of ratings received per bank, with banks requiring a minimum coverage ratio of 5% of the response base to be included in the results. Any questions should be directed to Tim Moxon,

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