Transparency scores for Chile’s SWF

Jason Mitchell
Published on:

Ranked as the third best in the world, the country’s sovereign wealth fund has become a model for other Latin American countries to follow, including Colombia, Panama and Brazil.

Chile, which is relatively small, with a population of 17 million and a $282 billion economy, has three SWFs. As well as the $15 billion economic and social stabilization fund (ESSF), there is a $6.4 billion pension reserve fund (PRF) and a $4 billion education fund (EF).

The ESSF was 100% invested in overseas fixed-income assets, but recently shifted some into bank deposits as part of its strategy during the past two years to gradually adjust its asset allocation. Corporate bonds and variable-income investments have been added since 2011. This year the fund changed its asset composition again and now invests 15% in bank deposits, 19% in non-indexed sovereign bills, 55% in non-indexed sovereign bonds, 3.5% in inflation-indexed sovereign bonds and 7.5% in equities.

Chile’s SWF is ranked the third best for transparency and accountability in the world after Norway and New Zealand, according to a scorecard...