Investcorp: The house that Kirdar built

Dominic Dudley
Published on:

Bahrain’s Investcorp has carved out a solid reputation over the past 30 years, but how is its founder preparing the firm for the future?

Nemir Kirdar, chairman and chief executive of Investcorp
High-profile Middle East investors picking up trophy assets are a mainstay of the market in such cities as London, Paris and New York these days. What is less often remarked on are the low-key Gulf buyers, content to undertake investment without making a song and dance about it. But for the past 30 years that is what Bahrain-based Investcorp has been doing, ever since it took a stake in the Manulife Plaza, an office building in Los Angeles in 1983.

The company, which calls itself a bank but is really more a combination of hedge fund and mid-market private equity house, also has offices in London and New York, and likes to think of itself as a bridge between the surplus wealth of the Gulf and the investment opportunities of the west.

When in Europe or the US, Investcorp likes to blend in...