Commodities: special focus

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Euromoney's recent coverage of the hard and soft commodities sector, with a special focus on emerging markets.

There is commotion in the commodities market. Oil, gold and copper lost their lustre in 2012, high-profile commodities funds have closed their doors, pension funds have reduced their commodities exposure, and Australia and South Africa have taken a tumble down a mine shaft. What's more, commodity revenues fell as a proportion of banks' fixed-income business in 2012. But that's just one fracking side of the story: Nigeria, Mozambique, Ecuador, Ghana, Angola, et al, are riding on a wave of natural resources – even Greece could jump on board. And as well as an influx of renewable energy to turn up the gas for investors, there's even talk of space exploration...

Oil: special focus

Iran: Nothing cements treaties like money
December 2016
Commerce could reverse Trump’s vow to dismantle the Iran nuclear deal.

Forest bond boosts conservation finance
December 2016
IFC teams up for first carbon credit coupons; billions of dollars needed to stop deforestation.

Price pressures force change in oil and gas treasury strategy
November 2016
The oil and gas sector has so far avoided making wholesale change to its treasury processes, but as the low price environment continues, firms are now being forced to explore cost cutting.

Africa: Mozambique runs on empty
September 2016

Petrol tank-600
When Mozambique struck gas in 2010, it was supposed to herald a bright, lucrative future for the poor African state. It hasn’t turned out that way. Rising debt, sluggish growth and a corrosive financial crisis have culminated in the IMF freezing payments to the struggling state. Its banking industry is one of the few brighter spots.

Blockchain could revive gold’s role as a payments currency
September 2016
The days of using gold for everyday transactions have long since passed, but could the blockchain change that?

Zambia’s crumbling commodity-led economy 'must diversify’
August 2016

Copper melting-R-600
The southern African country’s reliance on copper and recent disorderly elections have seen increased instability in the region, potentially adding to the deterioration in its ECR scores.

China retail gold survey 2016: China steps towards gold dominance
August 2016

Gold bars-R-600
As the Shanghai Gold Exchange introduces a new benchmark, the country now leads in gold production, consumption and imports.

Where are the US banks on green bonds?
August 2016
China and India dominate market; US corporates begin to take note.

Awards for Excellence 2016: CSR – Amid the gloom, banks find their shining light
July 2016
The world’s banks are doing more than pay lip service to corporate social responsibility. But they need to go further and make their commitment part of the fabric of each institution.

Procurement collaboration mitigates treasury commodity risk
June 2016
The volatility of the commodities market is propelling treasurers to assume a greater involvement in monitoring price fluctuations while working more closely with procurement teams than ever before.

Country risk: Peru’s risks ease on copper surge and election prospects
May 2016

copper mine-R-600
The borrower is beginning to shine with the presidential race guaranteeing a pro-market candidate winning and the economy improving due to increased copper-mining capacity.

Mexico: Pemex woes deepen amid oil rout
May 2016 
Record losses and huge debts hit CDS; sovereign contagion free, so far.

Country risk: Oil crisis sharpens Nigeria’s investor risks
April 2016
Muhammadu Buhari posters-R-600
A plunging country risk score illustrates how the problems are still mounting for Africa’s largest economy.

Against the tide: Gold is back
April 2016

gold eyes-600
When the numbers look bleak and central banks are out of tools, cash and gold make sense.

Energy: PE weighs risks as banks shun oil and gas
April 2016
Private equity firms quick to exploit oil sector distress; end investors remain cautious.

Regulation can't help oil patch banks
April 2016
It is the wider impacts that could undo financial firms, whatever the regulators recommend.

Asia: Sovereign funds adapt to new environment
March 2016
Oil economies give up hard-earned savings.

FX: Don’t be fooled by gold’s blistering 2016 start
February 2016

Gold suit-R-600
With rates near their lower-bound or hovering in negative territory around the developed world, the opportunity cost of investing in gold – which critics decry for lacking a regular income stream – has essentially vanished. Unless the fear continues to rage, the commodity’s recent spell should run out of steam as US rates creep up.

CSR: Impact reporting colours green bonds
January 2016
Leading green bond issuers are working together to find a solution to one of the problems holding back the growth of the market – how to report back to fund managers on the environmental impact of their investments. The determination to find a solution on both sides is clear. The path to finding that solution remains elusive.

Brazil: BTG fights for survival
January 2016
Esteves’ exit fails to slow outflows; oil and gas exposure in spotlight.

Inside investment: Commodities – filtering signal from noise
November 2015
The prospects for industrial metals is a weighty subject. Investors that blithely believe price corrections revert to mean may be looking at a false dawn.

Angola goes after diversification
September 2015
The fall in the oil price and the de-dollarization of the economy has done even more to highlight Angola’s over-dependence on oil. As a result, the diversification of the economy is higher-up on the government’s agenda than ever before.

Latin America: Oil pours trouble on Venezuela’s economy
September 2015
Parallel FX rate rockets; default more and more likely.

China retail gold survey 2015: China rings solid in gold
August 2015
With unprecedented turbulence in the stock market shaking investor confidence, gold remains a strong focus in China. Confidence in the retail market is stubbornly high as talk of a yuan-denominated fix swells.

Mozambique warned on resource boom
August 2015
Lessons to learn from rest of Africa; local banks may be left behind.

Nigeria’s investment banks feel the squeeze
July 2015