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  • How eurozone QE is reshaping the bond markets

    If Europe’s economy remains in crisis, then someone please tell the bond markets. The ECB’s asset purchase programme has driven half of the EU’s sovereign debt pile into negative yield territory. And Draghi’s plan has only just started. Funds see little choice but to follow the QE monster on its path of destruction through the yield curve. Will that lead to the surreal outcome of all EU sovereigns yielding the same, regardless of credit quality?

  • The battle to bank Asia’s next corporate champions

    Having the largest and most successful corporations in Asia as clients brings prestige and profit to the banks involved, but just beneath the very top is where the fight for the spoils of the future is raging. How do you pick – and bank – Asia's next generation of corporate champions?

  • Jho says it ain’t so: Malaysian tycoon denies role in 1MDB ‘heist of the century’

    The saga of scandalized Malaysian sovereign wealth fund 1MDB has drawn in many high-profile figures from the country’s establishment. None more so than a flamboyant, Hong Kong-based tycoon. But the self-styled Jho Low denies all involvement in 1MDB. Now he’s ready to publicly defend himself – and point the finger of blame at others.

  • Emerging markets real estate: moving in for the long run

    Property continues to be popular. The big sovereign wealth funds appreciate the long-term prospects of developing countries, and have the flexibility to chase opportunities across structures, markets and cycles.

  • South Africa: Nene’s balancing act

    South Africa is plagued by slow growth and escalating debt levels. So how can the country’s new minister of finance, Nhlanhla Nene, get the economy moving again while balancing the budget?

  • Asia: Patience pays off as Citic/CLSA makes its mark

    Few thought that the marriage of a Chinese securities firm with an Asian brokerage which had a unique, and at times disruptive, culture could work. But two years on, Citic and CLSA have proved they can be at least the sum of their parts. Can the combination now become a true regional powerhouse as its leaders hope?

  • Emerging market debt: Punishing original sin

    Emerging-market corporate debt – the fastest-growing asset class in the world – faces its first stress test, thanks to a surging dollar and rising US yields. As developing countries square up to another possible debt crisis, an increasingly inevitable round of corporate defaults threatens to swamp an illiquid market.

  • Middle East: Kuwait still cooking with falling oil

    The country is vulnerable to a continuing low oil price, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping it from keeping up the pace of capital projects. And there are still plenty of reforms to make if the state is to develop the economy.

  • Digital banking: Electronic shock for China's old guard

    Tencent and Alibaba are at the vanguard of setting up new online banks. It's a great way to shake up the old state players and, by mining their data, get credit ratings for China's underserved population. But do upstart tech companies really have the political and business resources to challenge the incumbents?

  • Hocher keeps cool as Crédit Agricole CIB hots up

    After years of restructuring, Crédit Agricole’s corporate and investment bank is tentatively showing the signs of stability and growth that the group’s crisis-weary shareholders have long sought. Maintaining this course may well prove just as tough.

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