In 2019 Euromoney turns 50.

Our publication was founded in 1969 to cover the growth of cross-border finance. Over five decades, Euromoney has been there to cover every advance and every challenge along the way. We have prided ourselves on our ability to get to know the people and the institutions driving banking, finance and capital markets forward. What a 50 years it has been.

Euromoney's 50th anniversary gives us a unique opportunity to take the pulse of global banking today. Throughout the course of 2019, we will publish a series of special reports reflecting on 50 years in the core pillars of Euromoney's coverage. In each report, we will look at what has brought banking to where it is today and discuss where the industry goes from here.


For the first month of our 50th anniversary celebration, we have invited the small cadre of editors of the publication during the last five decades to tell their own story of Euromoney through the lens of the articles that stand out from their tenure.