Global Private Banking
and Wealth Management
Conference 2020
15 October, London


In the past two decades, the world of wealth management has been transformed, evolving into a truly global business. As we enter a new decade, the industry continues to innovate, and to disrupt and reinvent itself, as it seeks to serve the demographic that matters: the customer. Building on the success of our longstanding private banking events, we are proud to announce we will be hosting our inaugural Euromoney Global Private Banking and Wealth Management Conference.

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Asia Private Banking
and Wealth Management
Conference 2020
18 September, Singapore


The 2010s were undoubtedly Asia’s decade. The same is likely to be true of the 2020s, with China and India growing solidly, and Indonesia and the wider ASEAN region in prime position to benefit from strong demographics, digital disruption, a new set of standout corporates, and the rise of green and blue finance. Growth and disruption, a new generation of aspiring entrepreneurs, and the handing over of wealth to a new generation: these factors present huge opportunities to leading private banks and wealth management institutions.

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Global Debate  •  Asia Seminar and Debate  •  Americas Debate


June 18 2019
Shangri-La, At The Shard, London


Euromoney’s annual global private banking debate, held in London each June, brings together senior practitioners at leading financial institutions. Discussions always range far and wide, exploring the issues that will test private banks and relationship managers over the coming years and decades.

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Global private banking debate: PB embraces the modern world

Global private banking debate: PB embraces the modern world

August 28, 2019

Private banks across the world are changing fast, placing greater emphasis than ever on a host of key factors. The best wealth managers are busy boosting inclusivity, emphasising technology and security, and ensuring they are on-point when it comes to meeting compliance needs.






September 20 2019



Euromoney hosted the second annual Euromoney Asia Private Banking Seminar in Singapore 20 September 2019. Singapore is in a high-speed race with Hong Kong for first place on an important podium: being the leading financial hub in Asia. The government and the Monetary Authority of Singapore have long made a priority of private banking and wealth management, among other financial capabilities, and in order to maintain a position of leadership they are supporting cross-border cooperation among fintech centres while encouraging the adoption of new technology. The event is reserved exclusively for a selected audience by invitation only. The seminar offers a rare opportunity to network with over 150 high profile PBWM leaders, affluent individuals, family offices and luxury brands.

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Asia private banking debate: How to build a model for a growing Asia

Asia private banking debate: How to build a model for a growing Asia

November 05, 2019

Asian private wealth is distinct from elsewhere in the world and must be served with a different model. Entrepreneurial wealth, changing digital delivery channels and gradual engagement with socially responsible investment all present challenges and opportunities for private banks in the region.


Asia private banking debate: Great opportunities in Asia

Asia private banking debate: Great opportunities in Asia

October 09, 2018

Asia offers a unique client set of young entrepreneurs; it also offers the challenge of new generations inheriting wealth with different expectations from their predecessors. That is a great opportunity, but it requires private banks to be nimble, thoughtful and technologically adept.





April 10 2019
The Metropolitan Club, New York



In 2019, Euromoney brings the global private banking debate to New York. This inaugural event brought together senior wealth managers from leading financial institutions to discuss the future of private banking. Discussion topics include:

• Serving international clients in a seemingly less global world
• The importance of an international client
• Changing political and trade relations/ impact of global trends
• Socially responsible investments
• Digitalization and the impact of new technology
• Risk management

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Americas private banking debate: Internationalization is the future

Americas private banking debate: Internationalization is the future

May 23, 2019

Wealthy clients increasingly need international products and services. The opportunities are clear for those who can stomach the regulatory hurdles of cross-border business and who can leverage their retail or investment banking connections. Technology investments are crucial, but the competitive landscape is opening up.