January 2020

January 2020

Malaysia’s message to Goldman Sachs… and to the world

The nation has become synonymous with 1MDB, much to its new leadership’s frustration. It needs to close the chapter on this scandal and begin a new narrative with the global financial community. Malaysia’s prime minister-in-waiting tells Euromoney what would help.

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Mediobanca's Nagel faces his critics

Leonardo Del Vecchio’s arrival as the biggest shareholder in Mediobanca caught CEO Alberto Nagel off guard, stirring debate about Nagel’s handling of the bank’s stake in Generali. Nagel insists he can find an acquisition in wealth management that is good enough to justify selling. But is his and Mediobanca’s influence in the country on the wane?

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Messina battles to keep Italy's crown

Messina battles to keep Italy's crown

Intesa Sanpaolo chief executive Carlo Messina bristles at the idea that Italian finance should be an underdog in Europe. His bank can prove otherwise and, he says, lower interest rates will only make its fee businesses shine more brightly. But in a stagnating economy with tech-savvy challengers gaining share and other Italian banks recovering, are acquisitions the only way for Intesa to grow and retain the favour of investors and clients?

Emerging Europe

Banking: Is Moldova unreformable?

Banking: Is Moldova unreformable?

In 2014, a $1 billion bank fraud nearly bankrupted the tiny state. It came through in better shape thanks to reformist policymakers, an IMF bailout and the sale of big banks. But a Russia-leaning administration now threatens to undo those reforms.


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Seven options for Lebanon as economic crisis deepens

The Lebanese authorities said that they met a $1.5 billion bond payment in late November, but with the country rapidly running out of money and in the absence of any clear ability to enact reforms, Euromoney looks at its options.

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