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Case Study

The Future CRO Programme: preparing talented risk professionals for promotion to the C-suite

Background to the partnership
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Upskilling senior risk professionals so they understand and prepare for the responsibilities, challenges and critical thinking required in a CRO role.

This case study focuses on our work partnering with an international bank to support their GRC succession planning.

The Requirement

As part of their succession planning, our client identified the need for their senior risk and compliance professionals to learn beyond their specialist area by widening their knowledge of the challenges facing all risk disciplines.

We were asked to provide a solution that would:

  • Upskill their people to understand the challenges facing each of the risk disciplines and what they can do to help tackle these issues
  • Introduce them to the 15 key questions that are the foundation of all risk management, risk reporting, regulatory interaction and governance and which all senior risk leaders face
  • Using the 15 questions, facilitate the creation of a personal development plan for each participant, identifying where they need additional support and/or coaching
The Solution

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Understanding the Challenges

90 minute online session with up to 14 attendees

Discussion to understand:

  • The challenges CROs face in each of the risk disciplines: Credit Risk; Operational Risk; Market Risk; Conduct, Compliance and Financial Crime; Dealing with the Regulators; Governance
  • How to start tackling the more material issues
  • An appreciation of the big issues such as compliance, financial crime and aspects of operational risk
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Knowing What Is Expected of a CRO

60 minute online session with up to 14 attendees

Introduced the 15 key questions CROs need to be able to answer and that will determine how successful they are as CROs.

Discussed examples which illustrate the difference between good and bad answers, and why.

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Buddy Pairs

60 minute call. Participants partner up and arrange a peer-peer coaching session

60 minute online plenary session

Participants paired up with a buddy to practise asking and answering the 15 questions and help critique the answers.

Following these paired discussions, all participants joined a call with the facilitator to debrief:

  • The challenges they faced in answering each question
  • The barriers they face to answering each one
  • Solutions for improving responses
  • Examples of how to address the most challenging questions
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Minimum of 2 x 60 minute 1:2:1 session with the facilitator

Designed to address learning goals identified by each participant on their personal development plan.

Alongside internal coaching using our client’s own materials and content, this proved invaluable as a means of getting support from some with external experience.

Return on Investment
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100% rated the programme 5/5
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Knowledge and skills gaps identified with a clear development route to stay on track for promotion to CRO role
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Immediate business benefit/enhanced risk management: participants appreciated the opportunity to learn from someone outside of the Bank who has advised, and held some of the most senior risk roles in, global institutions
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