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Deutsche Bank: special focus

Euromoney's recent coverage of the German universal bank.

Class of 2019: Deutsche Bank

January 2020

As the bank finally grapples with the restructuring it has needed for years, there are reasons to be optimistic.

Deutsche’s corporate business bets on transaction banking

November 2019


The German bank’s transaction banking franchise will be central to the success of its new corporate banking division.

What they said about CIB in Q3 '19: a guide to bank results

November 2019

3Q19 q heatmap

It's that time of year again, when we round up what senior management said about your business line in their quarterly earnings calls.

Deutsche's restated earnings show how much ECM will shrink without equities



The bank has rejigged its historic numbers to reflect its new structure, but the result throws up an interesting glimpse of just how small its equity capital markets business will be in future.

Is German banking a zero-sum game?

October 2019


Clients have had a much easier time than their banks in Germany, but fintech innovation is creating ways for the likes of Commerzbank and Deutsche Bank to thrive, even in the country’s SME heartlands.

Foresight or desperation? The two sides of Deutsche Bank’s equities exit

October 2019


Deutsche Bank’s decision to exit equities but continue with ECM is a startling move, but it reflects the reality of the industry as much as it does the bank’s own uncomfortable position.

ECM vs equities: Has Deutsche Bank got it right?

September 2019


Deutsche Bank has taken the radical step of getting rid of its equities business, but thinks it can still offer ECM. Can it?


Deutsche’s von Moltke on how he learned to stop worrying and love the cuts

September 2019

The Deutsche Bank CFO is adamant that not only are his bank’s new ambitions achievable despite a fragile environment, but clients are also supportive.

Cash Management Survey 2019: Press release

September 16, 2019

Among financial institutions, Deutsche Bank ranked number one in this year’s cash management survey – testament to the bank’s continued investment and focus on transaction banking.

Macaskill on markets: Investment banks and the sharing economy

September 2019


Bankers in Europe have discussed pooling resources across different institutions for some years, as the threat from bigger US rivals has become painfully obvious.

Deutsche Bank Wealth Management – a dark horse?

September 2019


Once a global wealth management (WM) powerhouse, DBWM no longer sits in the top 10 when it comes to AuM or stature.

Banks pass the pain of negative rates to their depositors

August 2019

Any market sell-off in advance of coming recession will raise the cost for banks of holding their customers’ cash and make them look again at open banking.

Danske wields risk axe after Estonia money laundering scandal

August 2019

Danske Bank’s compliance head Philippe Vollot is on a hiring spree, but parts of its international network might still be too risky.

Macaskill on markets: Deutsche’s Autobahn escape ramp

July 2019

Deutsche collapse_780

Questions about Deutsche Bank's restructuring multiply with each tactical shift, increasing the premium placed on any areas of real success – such as its Autobahn platform.

Sideways: Some Deutsche Bank veterans are doing fine

July 2019

Sajid Javid_2019_780
Britain's Home Secretary Sajid Javid arrives at Downing Street, in London, Britain July 24, 2019. REUTERS/Hannah McKay - RC1A65999550
Hannah Mckay/REUTERS

Deutsche employees who have recently been fired or face the axe will no doubt take comfort in the successes of fellow alumni such as Sajid Javid.

BNP Paribas could sign Deutsche prime broking deal in September

July 2019

The French bank sees an opportunity to grab market share – and a more advanced tech platform – in a business that it sees as strategic.

Deutsche Bank reports big loss from accelerating restructuring charges

July 2019


A larger than expected second-quarter loss shows Deutsche kitchen-sinking its 2019 results.

Deutsche Bank: is it really different this time?  

July 2019


Christian Sewing has set the bank a difficult task of cutting businesses and costs yet growing revenues in the next three years; not everyone is convinced it can do both 

Christian_Sewing-160x186Sewing’s savings: how Deutsche Bank will try to turn itself around  

July 2019

Germany’s biggest bank wants to convince investors that its latest restructuring effort differs from previous attempts by returning the firm to its original mission. 

The bankers that define the decades: Hilmar Kopper, Deutsche Bank  

June 2019


The giant of European banking in the 1990s.

FX Survey 2019: JPMorgan retains its lead; Deutsche Bank is back in business

June 2019


This year’s Euromoney FX survey results show up some important multi-year trends. The main lesson? Foreign exchange is more competitive than ever.

Deutsche Bank has no plan B 

April 2019


While Commerzbank might yet be an attractive partner in European consolidation, Deutsche is caught in a horrible cycle of continuing to cut costs to offset declining revenues.

Macaskill on markets: Germany’s strange banking experiment 

April 2019


Germany may conduct a strange experiment in state-sponsored investment banking if a merger between Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank proceeds. 


Sideways: Deutsche Bank's Garth Ritchie – the Brexit thinker 

April 2019

The news that Garth Ritchie, head of investment banking at Deutsche Bank, is being paid €250,000 a month for extra responsibility 'in connection with the implications of Brexit' has been condemned in Germany, where politicians and union leaders are preparing to oppose a potential merger with Commerzbank and associated job cuts.

Deutsche Bank-Commerzbank merger: Long live the kingmaker 

April 2019 


However the situation plays out, it might be the smaller firm that ends up in the stronger position.

Ole Matthiessen is new global head of cash management at Deutsche Bank 

March 2019 


The bank confirms focus on transaction banking by strengthening ties with its investment banking unit through new appointments.

Macaskill on markets: Deutsche Bank and the art of the retreat

February 2019 


The rationale to accelerate cuts in its US investment bank is obvious, but an orderly withdrawal will be hard to execute. 

Deutsche Bank wins through in Euromoney's trade finance survey

February 2019


Its strong performance in Euromoney’s trade finance survey – despite its recent difficulties – has left some rivals scratching their heads. What lies behind its high placing? 

The Euromoney 25: Class of 2018

January 2019 

EM25 main 780px

Which bank chief executives are raising a glass to a successful 12 months? How are the newcomers to the party settling in? Who’s hiding in the corner, drowning their sorrows? And will 2019 be a year of feast or famine? Euromoney reveals all in its progress reports for the Class of 2018.

Deutsche Bank: Can it catch a break?

January 2019

New investigations into the troubled bank evoke bad memories. 

Asset management: Should Europe’s banks buy back into the buy side?

November 2018 


Asset management is one of the few opportunities European banks have for growth and good returns, but regulation is challenging the captive market and margins are falling. Can banks build their own versions of the low-cost US fund management firms – or are these few remaining crown jewels heading the same way as their investment banks?

Moreau exit shows tough road ahead for European banks’ asset management hopes 

October 2018

The sacking of DWS’s chief executive barely six months after its IPO shows that asset management might not be the great hope for a firm like Deutsche Bank. 

Market strategists reassure investors worried by the recent sell-offs

October 2018


Rates are only rising because economies are doing so well and there is no need to panic, even if risk assets do sell off, at least according to the sell side.


New Silk Road Finance Awards 2018
September 2018

Central and Eastern Europe & Central and West Asia: Best international bank in the region for BRI: Deutsche Bank

Investment banks in 2Q18
August 2018

Part 1: group and CIB

Part 2: DCM, ECM and advisory

Part 3: FICC and equities

Germany’s bank problems are all of Europe’s

August 2018


French, let alone Italian, banks should not gloat. Germany’s banking problem is theirs too, and neither domestic mergers nor French-led acquisitions will solve it.

CEO Sewing hails quarter of ‘unprecendented change’ at Deutsche Bank

July 2018


Deutsche Bank is showing it can cut leverage exposure in its corporate and investment bank without slashing revenues. It has a long way to go in its pursuit of acceptable returns, but the new management team is demonstrating an early determination to deliver.


Awards for Excellence 2018 – India's best investment bank

July 2018

This award of India’s best investment bank to Deutsche Bank will surprise many, but it reflects the themes and opportunities that work for foreign banks in India today.

Macaskill on markets: Deutsche Bank’s lessons for SoftBank

July 2018


It is 10 years since Rajeev Misra left his position as head of credit and commodities at Deutsche Bank in a move that came a couple of months ahead of the failure of Lehman Brothers and a global financial crisis.

Off the record

May 2018

A Deutsche Bank special

Deutsche Bank: Restating the obvious

May 2018

Deutsche management may be dropping like flies, but at least they have been longer-lived than one of the business lines in its financial results.

Can Achleitner’s accidental CEO save Deutsche Bank?

April 2018


With an embarrassing and badly mishandled change of chief executive now complete, all the big problems still remain for Deutsche Bank.

Sewing parrots Cryan

April 2018

Christian Sewing has been painted as the stern cost disciplinarian and man of action, so he had to unveil something decisive-sounding at his first results call — even if it smacks of tokenism.

The curious case of Woori Bank, an €8 billion lawsuit and an alleged letter from Deutsche Bank

April 2018

A little-known plaintiff is alleging a truly enormous theft by Woori Bank. Everything about the allegations sets off alarms, and the testimony of Deutsche Bank will be crucial.

Asia banking: HNA turns M&A norms around again

March 2018


Everyone used to want to be on the sell side; now they want to be on the buy side.

European corporates blindsided by FX volatility

February 2018

Deutsche Bank’s currency volatility index (CVIX), which provides a daily measure of volatility in the FX market, shows how suddenly volatility can spike and fall.

John Cryan recasts Deutsche’s stubbornly high costs as investments

February 2018

MB banner 660px

Deutsche’s CEO is telling the world just how much the bank still needs to do to improve, but struggles to make investors see the cost of fixing things as investing for the future.
Transaction banking fall shows extent of Deutsche’s cutbacks

February 2018

A bad year as the bank continued to rejig its client base, but management predicts GTB revenues will improve from the second quarter.


Euromoney Trade Finance Survey 2018: Press release

January 2018

HSBC has taken the top spot for the first time in the global results of Euromoney’s annual trade finance survey, dislodging Deutsche Bank to third place, behind UniCredit. It was not all bad news for Deutsche, as it took the top spot in Apac, pipping HSBC to second. The German bank also took the top place in its home market of Western Europe.

Trade Finance Survey 2018: Regional best trade finance providers

Trade Finance Survey 2018: Domestic best service



Alternative awards of the year 2017

December 2017


The alternative bank of the year: Deutsche Bank 

Deutsche Bank: Relief but no revival yet  December 2017 

Progress is limited and slow, and chief executive John Cryan remains under pressure.

Cerberus takes stake in Deutsche Bank as Cryan talks up its repositioning

November 2017


Deutsche says it welcomes any investor who sees potential in the German bank’s share, but holders are growing impatient for delivery.


New Silk Road Finance Awards 2017

CEE: Best bank for BRI-related infrastructure finance

Middle East and Africa: Best bank for BRI-related infrastructure finance

September 2017






Regulation: The Fed means business on the Volcker rule

May 2017


The central bank found a way to enforce the rule just before lawmakers attempt to dismantle it.

Investment banking: Does Deutsche’s fightback begin in Asia?

April 2017

boxing gloves2-600

Putting a career transaction banker in charge of Deutsche Bank’s business in Asia made some sort of statement. But of what, exactly? That Deutsche’s old markets powerhouse is no longer in the driving seat? Or that it can be a model for the revival of Deutsche globally?

Banking: They’re bonuses, John, but not as we know it

March 2017

bonus bankers-600

Deutsche Bank’s new-look bonus scheme looks a bit annually retentive.

Cryan makes big call on change in German banking

March 2017

John Cryan chuffed-R-600

The chief executive of Deutsche Bank has deftly sold his sudden reverse on capital raising and selling Postbank, but if he fails to make good a striking promise to deliver strong returns from retail banking at home, his credibility will be lost.

Banking: Deutsche Bank’s Strategy 2020… 2.0

March 2017

pills euros stethoscope-600

John Cryan has swallowed a difficult pill in executing his U-turn – whether the patient will recover in the long term remains to be seen.


Deutsche commits to Asia wealth management

March 2017

Despite rumours that Deutsche might cash in its departure-hit wealth management arm, Asia CEO Werner Steinmueller instead wants to double its size.

Deutsche Bank U-turns to follow Commerzbank’s lead

March 2017

In a reversal of their traditional roles, Deutsche Bank’s new focus on German business and a simplified structure bears more than a passing resemblance to domestic rival Commerzbank’s re-boot six months ago.


Euromoney trade finance survey 2017: Rivals chip away at DB’s dominance

January 2017

Deutsche Bank held onto its global trade finance crown for the third year running, but it lost out in some of the regional placings. The 2017 survey attracted nearly double the number of voters compared with 2016.


The titanic struggles of German banking

November 2016

The decline of Deutsche Bank may be grabbing the headlines, but the woes of German banking run far deeper. Low interest rates and tighter regulation are hurting all the private-sector banks. That simply adds to concerns that Germany’s banks cannot, or perhaps in politicians’ eyes should not, be profit-hungry institutions. But are the state-backed banks that still dominate German banking reaching a limit on their ability to fund themselves? And does that mean that the famed three-pillar system is heading for disaster?

Against the tide: Europe’s banks still in trouble

November 2016

There are wider implications for Europe in the problems facing Deutsche Bank, Germany’s largest bank. Deutsche’s dilemmas are just an oversized example of the structural frailties of the entire European banking sector. 

Off message: Lay back on the long reads

November 2016

So what prompted this rumination of mine on long read journalism? Well, the other day I decided to take a look at how Deutsche Bank was doing in managing its external communications. What I found was rather striking. 

Basel IV capital demands spell trouble for AT1

October 2016

Deutsche crisis hits AT1 bonds again; new trigger language needed.

Regulation: Conduct costs will haunt banks

October 2016

dollar costs-600

Deutsche Bank’s $14 billion claim from the US Department of Justice against its legacy US RMBS business is just the latest – if perhaps one of the most lurid – bank litigation claim in recent years. 


Macaskill on markets: Clawbacks should be a priority at Deutsche Bank and Wells Fargo

September 2016

Deutsche Bank and Wells Fargo should make clawbacks of executive compensation a priority as they try to manage crises that threaten their viability. Deutsche faces the most pressing threat, as a potential fine of up to $14 billion for mortgage-backed securities malpractice has caused its shares to slump and raised the chance it will be forced to seek German state support.   

Sideways: Deutsche bank – a whistleblower battles on

September 2016


It has been over a month since Eric Ben-Artzi publicly declined his half share of a whistleblower award of $16.5 million for telling regulators about Deutsche Bank’s inflation of the value of a $98 billion credit derivatives portfolio during the financial crisis.

Deutsche totters on the brink once again

September 2016

John Cryan cry-R-600

CEO John Cryan had hoped to remove uncertainty overhanging Deutsche Bank’s stock by speeding up the resolution of litigation, but the Department of Justice’s opening claim for $14 billion over RMBS refocuses attention on the bank’s weak capital.

DoJ 1MDB complaint analysed: how the named banks fare

July 2016

Who comes out best and worst from the DoJ report into 1MDB? Deutsche Bank makes a significant appearance.

Europe’s bank stability is in question, say country risk experts

July 2016


Deutsche Bank is a major concern in the wake of a record loss pressuring its share price and forcing branch closures, amid rumours that the institution might be split up.

Why arent they shouting 160x186

Rodgers produces a book that’s worth shouting about

July 2016

Kevin Rodgers, the former head of foreign exchange at Deutsche Bank, has written a book about his 30 years in financial markets that should be read by anyone working in the industry today.

Conception and delivery, Deutsche-style 

July 2016 

When Deutsche Bank launched its magazine Konzept in November 2014, then co-CEO Anshu Jain described it (rather bizarrely for a print magazine) as “a new way of delivering its best ideas to clients and the wider world”.


Deutsche Bank lapse prompts AML reassessment

June 2016

Deutsche Bank pledges to update anti-money laundering (AML) processes after failings uncovered by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in a move that's pushing other banks to reassess their own operations.

Sideways: SoFi and the Deutsche Bank connection  June 2016 

SoFi is becoming increasingly reliant on former Deutsche Bank staff as it seeks to expand the use of complex financing structures to fuel growth in its loan sales.

Bank capital: Deutsche offers sub-debt solace

June 2016

Deal shows appetite after February sell-off; bank’s tier-2 issuance could herald TLAC surge.

All change in the 2016 Euromoney FX rankings

May 2016

Citi retains top ranking while Deutsche plummets.

Deutsche statue-R-600

Can Cryan halt Deutsche Bank's decline?

March 2016


Deutsche Bank has come to the end of an era. The question is whether or not it is approaching the end of its empire as well? Respected across the industry for his intelligence and integrity, John Cryan needs plenty of both to restructure Deutsche. It succeeded for years in building too large a version of exactly the wrong sort of investment bank for today’s markets. A bank that once had a clear identity in global finance is struggling to present a vision of what it will be in the future.

Deutsche Bank: A prolonged crisis of identity March 2016

John Cryan, Deutsche Bank’s chief executive, has to resolve an identity crisis that has beset the bank for 30 years.

Macaskill on markets: Life after bonuses for Deutsche Bank?

March 2016

Rolling Stones-600

Deutsche Bank’s co-chief executive John Cryan may find the bonus obsession of his investment bankers hard to understand. He will need to keep them motivated if he is to have any chance of pulling off a hugely challenging turnaround plan for the bank, however.

Sideways: Cryan should adopt the Winters clawback playbook

John Cryan grip-R-160x186

March 2016

Deutsche Bank’s co-CEO John Cryan should follow the playbook of Standard Chartered CEO Bill Winters and mount a public campaign to claw back bonuses from former managers.

When panic gripped AT1

March 2016

Investors dump Deutsche after CFO funding boast; Fears spread to other bank stocks.

Cryan needs to deal with Deutsche’s long-term dilemma

February 2016

Concerns over Deutsche Bank’s current financial position are a distraction. CEO John Cryan's biggest challenge is to restore trust in the bank’s brand before its core clients are tempted by the overtures of Deutsche’s competitors.

Deutsche retreats from LatAm

December 2015

Bank cuts business in five countries; Brazil spared but offering diminished.

Latin America: Deutsche comes unstuck

December 2015

It might not have been a big player in Latin America, but Deutsche Bank had a reputation for sticking through the hard times.

Macaskill on Markets: Aspiration 2020


November 2015

Deutsche Bank co-CEO John Cryan took a clear-headed approach to most of his management overhaul in October. There are unresolved issues in the global markets unit that remains the bank’s revenue engine as well as the source of most of its reputational problems, however.

Sideways: You can’t fire me, I quit!

July 2015

Deutsche Bank’s failure to acknowledge the enormity of the change it needs to return to health was demonstrated by the strange spin it gave to the departure of co-CEO Anshu Jain.

Off message: Communication failure helps lead to Jain’s demise at Deutsche

June 2015

Deutsche co-CEOs-R-600

Deutsche Bank’s Strategy 2020 – which led to the resignations of co-CEOs Anshu Jain and Jürgen Fitschen – was a study in how to obfuscate and overwhelm reality in a way that simply didn’t add up.

Deutsche Bank: Cryan finally steps into the limelight

June 2015

Little known outside the banking industry, John Cryan could prove a very capable chief executive of Deutsche Bank, as long as he can cope with life under public scrutiny.

Deutsche’s former FX head says the transformation is coming

May 2016

The headline results of Euromoney's 2015 foreign exchange survey show the leading banks have been remarkably consistent, despite the upheavals in the sector. But, beneath the surface there are changes that will transform the competitive landscape of the industry. Deeper analysis of the survey results demonstrates that’s already starting to happen.

Dubai: DFSA makes example of Deutsche

May 2015

Regulator hands bank biggest fine yet; Dubai shakes off ‘anything-goes’ tag.

Did Libor rigging help Deutsche Bank avoid a bailout?


May 2015

A series of reports by regulators around the German bank’s $2.5 billion fine raise more questions than answers, while serving up embarrassment to remaining senior management.

Deutsche Bank keeps cash and trade link

April 2015

Michael Spiegel, global head of trade finance and cash management corporates, reveals how the bank has created a strong internal structure of collaboration.

Sideways: Deutsche strategy – Twilight of the bank

February 2015

Is Deutsche Bank contemplating a secret Götterdämmerung trade that would hive off sections of its investment bank and offer senior executives an escape route?

Private banking CIO outlook 2015: Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management

January 2015

Asoka Wöhrmann, global CIO with Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management, shares his macro and asset allocation views for the year ahead.

Private banking CIO outlook 2015: Deutsche Bank – Larry Adams

January 2015

Larry Adams, CIO for Deutsche Bank's Wealth Management Americas, shares his views on how 2014 was full of surprises and how 2015 could be full of risks.

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