The inside story: Decoding the CDO black box

2006: In the approach to the 2008 global financial crisis, Euromoney became concerned about hidden risks and complications in the structured credit markets (from the imagination of Jon Macaskill).

Africa across the decades

For 50 years, Euromoney has followed the vicissitudes of a continent that has moved into and out of favour with international banks and grappled with developing its own capital market culture.

Capital markets: Funding Africa’s future

Africa has long had a fraught relationship with the capital markets – can the continent put that difficult history behind it and, crucially, fund the next stage of its development?

Banking refugees in Uganda

Africa has the largest number of refugees of any continent – in Uganda, many of them are economically active, while others are excluded from accessing basic banking products.

Banking at the frontier – tales from Africa

As Africa becomes embedded in the global financial and banking system, our journalists have travelled to some of the most challenging local markets to highlight opportunities – but sometimes trips don’t go to plan.

Banking: Is size the solution in CEE?

Well-capitalized, liquid and digitally sophisticated, banks in emerging Europe today are far from the clunking incumbents and fly-by-nights of the post-socialist era.

CEE across the decades

From communism to unbridled capitalism, from command economy to chaos to convergence, Euromoney’s coverage provides a unique insight into an unparalleled half-century in emerging Europe.

CEE home team advantage: The rise of the local investment banks

Since 2008, rising local players have gained the upper hand over risk-averse global investment banks in emerging Europe as the flow of larger deals has declined, but that could change as regional firms start to flex their muscles on the global stage and China looms large.

Asia across the decades

Five decades of Asia coverage have seen the rise and fall of Japan, the opening of China, the turmoil of the Asian financial crisis and the rocketing recovery from it, the emergence of local capital markets, and at least seven new dawns at Nomura.

How leverage transformed the M&A business

In business school they teach you that rising equity markets drive increased mergers and acquisitions activity, but perhaps it is really the debt markets that have driven the booms and busts in M&A.

Latin America across the decades

Recoveries, reschedulings, crises and scandal: no region’s financial markets have been as turbulent as Latin America’s over the last five decades.

The Middle East across the decades

Working in Beirut in 1974 was a formative experience for Padraic Fallon, the long-serving editor and later chairman of Euromoney, and since then the magazine has set the standard for coverage of this often misunderstood region.

Digital retail: Latin America’s banking revolution

The region’s leading banks produce some of the best numbers in the global industry, and success in retail banking – and a hard-learned approach to risk management – are core; could the growth of digital banking bring a new era of change?

Can the Gulf break the habit of half a century?

Less than five years after Euromoney began, the Arab oil embargo gave international finance a shot in the arm and provided an extraordinary windfall to the Gulf, but as the oil boom has repeatedly turned to bust, commodity cycles have laid bare the vacuity of the region’s diversification programmes.

Banking for a modern Middle East

The region’s banks used to be small, local and low-tech – many still are – but in the future they will be altogether different beasts.

Middle East: Has Islamic banking set a new standard?

Islamic finance has come a long way over the past few decades, maturing into a $2.4 trillion industry, but some long-term problems remain and the recent wrangle over a Dana Gas sukuk shows credibility is still an issue.

Australia Royal Commission: All talk, no action

The final report of Australia’s Royal Commission into misbehaviour in financial services had plenty of blood and thunder, and has already brought down the top executives of National Australia Bank, but it doesn’t bring the promise of lasting reform.

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