Money and the moonshot

A new Euromoney podcast series traces the relationship between space and the private sector, from the early Cold War state-funded model of Apollo to one in which venture capital backs the most interesting and visionary ideas.

Home offices get a tech upgrade

Amid the wild price swings and surging volumes in bond and equity markets that characterized the first phase of the pandemic, traders just about coped while working from home.

Loans: Crunch time for credit

Central bank intervention has delayed the deluge of insolvency that Covid-19 lockdowns will cause, but it can only plug the dike for so long.

Chinese bonds: buyer beware

Foreign capital is flooding into Chinese bonds, but investors would be wise to scrutinize the myriad ways by which issuers can wriggle out of meeting their obligations.

Coronavirus: EBRD gears up to fill the gap

Fast-track financing, infrastructure support and equity investment opportunities: first vice-president Jürgen Rigterink details the development bank’s Covid-19 crisis response – and delivers a warning to banks in its region.

Employee mental health on bank agenda

From financial support and flexible working to Zoom ‘happy hours’, choirs, online yoga and mindfulness classes, banks around the world are seeking to address employee mental health during the Covid-19 crisis

The evolution of investment banks

Diversify or specialize: that has been the question for all the big global corporate and investment banks since the financial crisis of 2008 – we delve into the data to see who did what.

Vietnam’s diaspora returns with attitude

The country’s financial system has been transformed over the last decade, and the Viet Kieu has played a crucial role in that; Euromoney speaks to some of its leading lights about what they are doing and why.

Argentina’s banks go from deep freeze into fire

They seemed to be emerging, blinking, into the light of a normal financial system under former president Mauricio Macri, but that moment has gone; the new administration has sent real rates negative, while economic and credit growth look to be years away.

Banking: Russia makes its own innovation

Recruited to set up a national payments system, the central bank’s Olga Skorobogatova has overseen initiatives to protect consumers and promote competition in Russia’s banking sector.

Can banks withstand the impact of Covid-19?

Banks came into the coronavirus pandemic much stronger than they went into the global financial crisis, but will the capital and liquidity buffers they have built be sufficient to see them through the most dramatic economic crash in history?

The coronavirus crash: will 'whatever it takes' work?

A blizzard of monetary and fiscal policy announcements finally began to calm market nerves this week; but bankers and analysts are struggling to figure out what more might be needed – and just what kind of crisis this is.

Class of 2019: ICBC

Investors are buying into ICBC’s business growth in diverse areas such as asset management and investment banking.

Class of 2019: Itaú Unibanco

The bank may be at the peak of its value creation, as the government looks to promote greater competition in Brazilian banking.

Class of 2019: Citi

The global bank has refreshed its senior management but needs to start demonstrating its platform can deliver best-in-class returns.

Class of 2019: JPMorgan

The world-leading bank aims to stay big with long-term investments, no matter what difficult conditions the market throws up.

Class of 2019: CCB

The Chinese bank is making a big push in areas such as financial inclusion as it targets sustainable ways to build its business and support the Chinese economy.

Class of 2019: QNB

The Qatari bank is investing at home and abroad, growing its loan book and building strong operations in Egypt and Turkey.

Class of 2019: Santander

Spain’s biggest bank is moving further away from its deal-making past, instead seeing a way forward for its troubled US and UK banks in payments and cloud technology.

Class of 2019: Barclays

While many European peers languish, Barclays’ transatlantic pivot is paying off – and helping it build elsewhere.

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