Impact banking: Bank of America – not too big to care

Over the last two years, Bank of America has been overhauling its low-to-moderate income business, redesigning branches and products, improving employee retention and working with community partners, but will the bank get the credit its actions deserve?

SocGen scales back ambitions in CEE

While others race for scale in the region, Société Générale has become the first of the big regional groups to dismantle its network voluntarily.

Emerging Europe: Sovcombank’s star rises

Five years ago it was a niche player specializing in consumer loans for the elderly – today Sovcombank is one of Russia’s largest privately owned banks, with a clutch of new shareholders from China and the Gulf.

Impact banking: Erste – the social banking network

The transition to capitalism has brought prosperity to much of emerging Europe but left large sections of society struggling to catch up – now Austria’s Erste Group is going back to its roots to bring prosperity to the region through social banking.

Impact banking: Vancity – delivering on the triple bottom line

Vancity is the largest credit union in Canada, but by 2007 it was acting like a commercial bank – yet now, after steering every part of the business back to being mission-based, it is delivering record profits, lower risk, new membership and improved employee engagement.

Meet the champions of global impact banking

Any important new market needs its innovators, cheerleaders and pioneers… As banks try to build more responsible and sustainable businesses, these are the champions of impact banking at 10 of the world’s biggest firms.

FX Survey 2018: Banks go back to nuts and bolts

With a spike in volatility and the opportunity to consign conduct issues to the past, this might have been a turning point for global FX, but faced with a range of challenges, many market makers are retreating to core competencies.

BNDES embraces its evolution

The blueprint for BNDES is for a development bank that partners with the private sector to facilitate more socially beneficial projects while using less capital.

Mifid implementers run head first into GDPR

Collect everything and store it for ever, or only collect some data and destroy it as soon as possible? That is the question facing bank compliance officers struggling with Mifid II and GDPR.

Why the FX pool is still hard to navigate

The forex market may have had a quiet 2017 with no big market dislocations, but liquidity is not as deep as it once was, while the buy side is becoming more discerning, driving changes in trading behaviour.

Alternative awards of the year 2017

For the banking industry, 2017 was a time of trying finally to resolve issues of the past and avoid new mistakes, yet dig beneath the surface and it was also 12 months of intrigue and, sometimes, farce.

The Euromoney 25

Euromoney assesses the performance of 25 banks from around the world in a new series of progress reports

Credit Suisse gives impact investing its Drew

Marisa Drew has gone from being one of Credit Suisse’s most senior investment bankers to overseeing the Swiss group’s new global impact finance and advisory division, reporting directly to group chief executive Tidjane Thiam.

ESG: the stewardship revolution

The 2017 US proxy voting season was historic: the world’s two largest asset managers backed shareholder resolutions on climate-risk disclosure.

Russian regulator backs new bailout regime

A pair of multibillion-dollar bank bailouts in under a month has roiled Russia’s banking sector and raised questions about the regulator’s competence – Dmitry Tulin, the central bank’s new head of banking supervision, insists such criticism is misguided.

Cash management: DBS reaps what it sows

The firm has invested heavily in its GTS offering in recent years – this year’s rankings see it rise on a tide of high customer satisfaction with its suite of new products.

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