CLO market: Corporate distress? Bring it on

It is an almost unchallenged truth that the next crisis will be triggered by over-leveraged corporate borrowers crumbling under the weight of cheap debt that they have taken on over the last decade.

Mediobanca's Nagel faces his critics

Leonardo Del Vecchio’s arrival as the biggest shareholder in Mediobanca caught CEO Alberto Nagel off guard, stirring debate about Nagel’s handling of the bank’s stake in Generali.

Russia Inc focuses on ESG

Sustainable financing is gaining ground in corporate Russia as firms look to improve their environmental, social and governance policies ‒ but can the country’s notorious polluters really go green?

How Bruce Van Saun rebuilt Citizens Financial

When RBS floated Citizens Financial in 2014, it was the biggest bank IPO since the financial crisis and investors were sceptical of its prospects ‒ five years on and RoE and EPS have doubled, the stock trades at a premium, and the bank has shown it can compete with bigger US banks and non-banks alike.

Securitization: RMBS gears up for windfall

A deep and sustainable private-label RMBS market has always eluded the US thanks to the insuperable competitive advantage enjoyed by the GSEs; that could change if plans to remove these guarantees for higher-risk mortgages go ahead.

Six ways to fix sustainable finance – 1: Join the PRB

What needs to happen for sustainability to be adopted by mainstream finance and move beyond the realm of pledges, panels and press releases? The first of our six recommendations is for banks to sign up to the Principles for Responsible Banking (PRB).