CSR: Inclusion key to bank diversity efforts

While an increasing number of studies point to diversity having a positive impact on business performance, it needs to be coupled with inclusion if financial services companies want to see cultural and societal change.

Saving the world, one bond at a time

It is rare for financial market professionals to feel they are helping to save the world, but a new capital markets deal from the World Bank to help the poorest countries cope with pandemics might be doing just that

Green means go for Chinese regulators

China’s successful adoption of green bonds comes at a time when a climate-change sceptic leads the US but emerging economies are growing more conscious of environmental problems.

The battle for Bank of East Asia

Elliott Management’s court case against Sir David Li’s Bank of East Asia pits the aggressive new world of activist investment against one of Hong Kong’s most venerable institutions.

Cleaner books in China's rustbelt

In a rare meeting with foreign media, two banks in Changchun, Bank of Jilin and Jilin JiuTai Rural Commercial Bank talk about shadow banking, toeing the Beijing party line and why a stockmarket listing in Hong Kong can be a poisoned chalice.