Banks scent victory in Basel IV standoff

As the year-end deadline to finalize Basel III looms, there is growing speculation that the Basel Committee will water down its stance on capital adequacy requirements.

CIMB's Nazir battles Malaysia’s demons

Nazir Razak has a complicated bio: one of Malaysia’s most talented bankers, architect of CIMB’s expansion into Asean, and brother of besieged prime minister Najib Razak.

Inside Italy’s bad-debt heartlands

Italian banks have allowed non-performing loans to swell to such numbers that they are now a central concern for the European and global financial system.

Italy: ECB’s first merger brings more worry

The ECB’s demand for a €1 billion capital increase in the banking union’s first big merger between Banco Popolare and BPM has dowsed hopes for a slew of similar deals that might add value to banks that desperately need it.