Modi makeover ignites India’s banking leaders

In exclusive interviews, leaders of Indian finance reveal how banks, nursing wounds from the recent credit boom, should be set free from the shackles of state control, as reformists raise hopes of a new dawn for Indian capitalism.

India: Waiting game continues for foreign investment banks

Even in a bullish scenario where a Rajan-Modi dream team unleashes reforms – from PSL to the bond market – in an economic super-cycle that sees public lenders recapitalized, foreign investment banks could still be chasing rainbows in India.

Transaction bank profiles: ANZ

Transaction banking is a key pillar in ANZ’s regional strategy of penetrating deeper into Asian markets from its heartland in Australasia.

How to engineer a cash management monster

What does it take to succeed in the increasingly competitive world of transaction services? Internal collaboration, global footprint, adaptability, connectivity and mobile technology all make up part of the equation.

Transaction bank profiles: Ecobank

Ecobank’s transaction banking business in Africa has risen lock-step with the progress of the bank over the last five years, shooting up Euromoney’s Africa rankings.

Electronic billing tops agenda for cash clients

Corporate treasurers believe their cash managers give them adequate transparency on banking fees, but overwhelmingly they want a common electronic bank billing format to help deliver greater visibility

Bond markets: Swimming not drowning

Regulators have been strident, if rather late, in their concern over the risk that short-term retail money now represents in today’s high yield corporate bond market.

Activists take M&A whip hand

There’s an intense debate going on at many of the big banks over how they should engage with shareholder activists as potential drivers of M&A to release corporate value.

Opportunities in the Middle Kingdom

One area of economic activity that does not easily fall victim to the vagaries of the domestic market is international trade, particularly between the Gulf and China.

The long business arm of the Iranian state

After the Iranian Revolution overthrew the Shah in 1979 and the Grand Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini launched the Islamic Republic that exists today, there were a lot of assets the Shah and his followers had left behind as they fled Iran.

Ferraz defends BNDES role

It has become normal in Brazil for private-sector banks to express frustration with the scale and cost of BNDES’ presence in financing corporate Brazil.

Africa: Trade hangs in the balance

Infrastructure development and streamlined processes have helped the East African Community make great strides to become one of the most successful trading blocs in Africa.

Digital banking: Clouded thinking

Big data, analytics and technology have the potential to transform the global investment banking industry into a leaner, meaner and better-equipped money making machine.

Maybank bloodied but unbowed

The proposed merger of CIMB, RHB Capital and Malaysia Building Society (MBSB) will transform the economics of the country’s banking and capital-markets business in the coming years and shake up south-east Asian banking in general.

Sanctions propel Russia towards Asia

Sanctions overs the conflict in Ukraine have closed off western capital markets to some Russian companies, giving Asia an opportunity to take a greater role.