Saudi Arabia's waiting game

The IPO market appears to be picking up, yet overall investment banking activity in the kingdom remains subdued, especially for international players.

Banking in China 2.0

Two banking upstarts are resetting the relationships the Chinese have with their boring old state lenders by being convenient and readily understood.

Latin America: Argentina recalibrates

Peso and exchange reserves have taken a tumble, interest rates have spiked and the money supply has tripled, yet analysts remain confident the economy is fundamentally sound.

ECR: Self-inflicted wounds drive Argentina’s plummet

The peso’s plunge precipitating the emerging markets sell-off is bang in line with Argentina’s lowest-scoring economic risk indicator and is a home-grown problem linked to an incoherent economic plan and poor communication.

Latin America: Equity dislocation as a fixed-income driver

The fundamental dislocation of the region’s equity markets may actually drive DCM issuance in the coming year as a much-stalled pipeline of equity deals turns to M&A in frustration – and DCM deals will be printed to finance this predicted wave.