China consolidates its Latin American presence

Recent large-scale Chinese acquisitions and consortium agreements in the LatAm financial and energy sectors indicate the People’s Republic’s continuing interest in the region’s resources.

Brazilian equities: The OGX effect

If Petrobras is considering an equity transaction in 2014, the implosion of Eike Batista’s OGX group this year won’t be helpful for investors’ perceptions of the risk of Brazil’s oil exploration and production industry.

Asia’s unhealthy Alibaba obsession

Investment banks have taken heart from more buoyant equity capital markets, but they are probably putting too much store by potential blockbuster deals such as an Alibaba IPO.

Ecobank faces moments of truth

A long, debilitating battle over the position of its chairman has led to much soul-searching and investigation at Ecobank, one of Africa’s leading banks.

Opening windows with the internet

From the archive: in June 1996, with some prescience, then Euromoney reporter Felix Salmon investigated how far the net, or "internet protocols" would shake up banking.